So when do the lies stop and the truth begin?

(Katherine Davies) #122

It’s disappointing that people continue to call Hillary Clinton “crazy”. The false narrative of her criminality/craziness helped lead too many of my fellow Americans to the worst voting mistake they could have made.
It’s clear that a foreign entity run by a murderous dictator interfered in our election process to help enable one of the worst human beings on earth (and by the way, he always has been awful since he began forcing himself into view in the late 70s) to steal the presidency. He is destroying my country in alarmingly rapid fashion and it will take decades for us to recover, assuming we can rid ourselves of this menace.

For the poster pointing out “facts” - the booming economy, etc - double-check them. Most is a hangover from Obama, the rest is benefitting the 1%. Most important economists have predicted a dire future based on the trade wars the orange maniac has started. If one is part of the 1% and can turn a blind eye to the fascist tactics then I guess things look rosy.

(Timothy Cole) #123

Rightly or wrongly HC was tainted by her husband’s deeds, she was firmly part of the establishment and had been ‘anointed’ by BO as his successor. Millions wanted change and that’s what they got for good or evil.

Can I ask whether you as an American agree with the electoral college system that saw DT being in the Oval office having got 3 million less votes than Hillary?

The influence of Russia in the election has not been proven, I agree that the economy was improving under Obama but it is continuing to grow which may or may not a result of DT’s policies of massive tax cuts and the trade wars may not actually last that long.

I was in the US when the election took place and so many people said to us ‘anyone but Hillary’ and several of them were Democrats!

(Barbara Deane) #124

Suppose that Russia is innocent.
So much innocence.

But what is for sure there are a few really nasty boys roaming around the world.

Obama was a breath of fresh air.

(Barbara Deane) #125


(Katherine Davies) #126

Her husband’s deeds? Do you mean sex with a 20 year old? Hasn’t tainted trump with his diehards.
So, let’s see, what is it that possibly could have undermined Hillary Clinton - perhaps the most singularly qualified human ever to run for the presidency? Countless expensive investigations into her suposed misdeeds have resulted in no charges, no indictments, nothing. I’ll leave you to ponder the obvious answer. It appears your Democrat friends bought the repubs’ made up accusations like many others. I suggest you ask them specifically why they hated her - you might find their answers interesting.
The electoral college needs to be abolished, in my opinion. Everyone’s vote should carry equal weight.
It has indeed been proven that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. Seventeen federal agencies have said so. Mueller has indicted 17 Russians already. It just hasn’t officially ecompassed the giant orange toddler as yet - his own cooperation with the Russians is what’s not yet proven.

(David Wren) #127

Trumps only “crime” was winning an election he wasn’t supposed to. When or if he is indicted for something it might become news.

(Barbara Deane) #128

I am amused, if only for a moment…the giant orange toddler.
But I am suffering from getting some people so wrong!

How could I possibly be friends with people who look up to him and think

that he is great. Where are they keeping their brains!
Can people really respect some one like that!

(Peter Goble) #129

Perhaps he is reviled because his flaws are so widely and luridly advertised, magnified and generally revelled in? He makes for very entertaining reading, I admit to gloating over it myself.

If my own flaws and past ‘malfeasance’ came under the same close scrutiny as DTs, I reckon public respect for me could be on a par with that of the Parboiled Lobster in the White House, but - so far - they are still not widely known - I hope! :scream::persevere::disappointed_relieved:

(Timothy Cole) #130

With respect I did say ‘rightly or wrongly’ tainted by Bill’s abuse of an intern. IMO Hillary would have received far more respect if she’d have dumped the lying asshole but she was playing the long game and had designs on the White House herself.

I’ve always thought the whole US electoral system is open to manipulation and those with the deeper pockets often win over the more qualified but I can’t see it being changed any time soon.

Again I’ll ask you as an American, where is the opposition to Trump, less than two years before campaigning starts who could oppose him if he wanted a second term?

(Richard Carpenter) #131

Seventeen federal agencies, eh? I wonder who actually controls them. Supposedly the way the Russians influenced the election was via “social media”. Anyone who casts their vote motivated by the dross they read on “social media” deserves what they get. I would have voted for the cretinous Trump myself if H. Clinton was the only alternative. She was just the latest in a long line of warmongers that have been helping to make the world a much more dangerous place than it ever was.
Apart from his dreadful attitude toward women, Mexicans, and anyone else come to that…Governing a world power is miles out of his skill set. A Theresa May on steroids. Between those two and Putin the Russian is the only one that earns respect as a leader.

(Katherine Davies) #132

With all due respect I think your ideas about Hillary are cynical and inaccurate. It’s interesting that you feel she was only in it for the long game.

As for who can oppose Trump? Kamala Harris, Tammy Duckworth, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, all spring to mind. I wish I knew the answer!

(Katherine Davies) #133

Richard, the Russians had tremendous influence with people on the ground. Who controls the feds are mostly longterm career souls whose independence is not in doubt except in the minds of people like yourself. You’ve been hoodwinked if you think a murderous despot like Putin is good for the world. Best of luck to you.

(Jane Williamson) #134

Rocker, are you totally off yours?
Putin is a dictator, he is one of the richest men in the world, yet Russia has a worse division between rich and poor than the UK.
His aim is to regain the Russian empire and those on the fringes are extremely worried.

(Timothy Cole) #135

How can 60+ million voters get it so wrong if Hillary was the best candidate?

(Jane Williamson) #136

There wasn’t really a good candidate at all.
It was a choice of which was the least bad.

(Bill Morgan) #137

My wott Tim?, seems your ‘Short Break’ hasn’t made any improvement :thinking:

(stella wood) #138

Ha ha…not you, “our Bill”… I think Tim means Her Bill (Hilary’s Bill Clinton) and his abuse…:wink:

(Bill Morgan) #139

Yup, must make the effort to read thro’ the Whole of Tims Blogs :rofl:

(stella wood) #140

Perhaps the heat and the late-ish hour is getting to us… let’s all agree that “peace and harmony” reigns …until tomorrow… (some rain is welcome too)


(Bill Morgan) #141

Okey Dokey :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: