So when do the lies stop and the truth begin?

(Barbara Deane) #102

There are hundreds and thousands of people? sheep who would put their head in an oven if asked to!
I am not one! I have a mind of my own. Funny how law makers find ways to break the laws!
Peter this is not directed at you by the way…

(Barbara Deane) #103

Boys do not stoop to Its level! Nothing to do with moderators…but be respectful please.

(Bill Morgan) #104

Will be surprised if it dosen’t, surely, generate a 'slap on the wrist from His fan club :unamused:

(Peter Goble) #105

Can’t think what all the fuss is about, Bill, Tim.

“Suck it up” is just an everyday expression for sucking something up. Slurp. :joy::joy:

(Mat Davies) #106

There was an interesting program on BBC2 recently Edd Balls in Trumpland - Trump is very popular in certain parts of US and this popularity is not decreasing even after what he has done.

(Barbara Deane) #107

So what does this tell you…sadly?
Bit like The housewives of Benedorm or love pond…Or is Essex near

(Timothy Cole) #108

Brilliant prog, went some way to explain his popularity amongst certain demographics and I don’t think it had anything to do with his celebrity, millions wanted change and this is what they’ve got. Now if it wakes people up so that in 2020 voters get sensible options for a President then Trump’s four years will have been worth it.

(Mandy Davies) #109

I won’t have any disparaging of Essex Barbara :wink::smile:

(Mandy Davies) #110

Interesting development!

(Ann Coe) #111

Incredible, there were apparently 190,265 likes for his ‘message’ !!
The man doesn’t know what respect is and as for sympathy well this detestable twit doesn’t have any, and never will have.
How can any American be proud of having a president who is such an evil b*****d, who put’s his foot in his mouth every time he opens it, who shows no compassion, whose memory conventiently changes to suit him. I could go on and on because I so despise this slime bag, but you get my drift ! :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

(Peter Goble) #112

In other words, Tim, you can’t make yourself an omelette without breaking other peoples’ eggs? :cry:

(David Wren) #113

I think people could be more equitable in their criticism of world leaders.

(Bill Morgan) #114

I get the impression, you detest ‘it’ to a similar degree, that I do Ann. :wink:

(Timothy Cole) #115

If the American public really care about their country they’ll ensure DT not only doesn’t get re-elected but there is a credible alternative who represents the man in the street rather than big business.

(Bill Morgan) #116

Well, I can go along with that Tim! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mandy Davies) #117

Totally agree Ann. Despicable person.

Have a look at this. Nasty piece of work.

(Peter Goble) #118

This is true. I think my problem is that most of my news sources are English language ones, with a few French ones which do offer a rather different and more thought-provoking perspective. English language news always reflects the world view of western Europe and the United States, and this influences my own, so it isn’t easy to be equitable.

Unless equitable means dissing Chinese, Russian, Syrian or Iranian leadership and vaunting our kith-and-kin, just because of ethnic and racial ties.

(stella wood) #119

Mr McCain was a man of integrity and honour (in my view)… hardly surprising that Mr T has nothing good to say about the man… :wink:

(Dan Wood) #120

There is some comfort to be had in reading the comments to his appalling twitter message of sympathy. Over 84000 of them attacking the hypocrisy and lies he promulgates. There seems to be an increase in negative responses to his crazy tweets - especially those he sends out in the middle of the night. Let’s hope the pressure is getting to him and that Bob Mueller has a few surprises up his sleeve;

(David Wren) #121