Social distancing etc... UK & France

useful guidelines, albeit for UK… but works for me here in France… although the numbers are not correct… of course… easy to transpose the size of the groups… etc

In another thread, mention was made of the mobile app and whether people would be inclined to use it.
Perhaps this is a better thread to air my views.
I won’t use the app (here in France) because I see it as excuse for people to have less regard for the social distancing rules. Over time, people may be inclined to rely solely on the technology to “police” their actions and since the scheme is entirely voluntary and relies on people to self declare, as it were (if I have that correct) how efficient is it in controlling the virus?
So far, proper social distancing and masks, washing hands no physical contact, self isolation etc has meant that numbers have diminished and that is surely a better way forward?


I’ve been thinking about the guidelines Stella and it seems to me they are over-complicating things. It’s unlikely that the meeting is going to involve 6 friends from 6 different households. Let’s hypothesise it’s two households - (1) 2 parents and 2 children (2) grandparents
In fact within each household the individuals will have been closely interacting over the past weeks. So in fact there is only need for two “areas” that are two meters apart. So 4 rugs can be put on the lawn next to each other for the parents and children and two meters away there will be two rugs next to each other for the grandparents.

Hi Sue… It will depend on the individual… not every grown-up is rushing to have children visit them…

and… of course… if people have already been interacting/isolating ensemble… that is different…

I loved the way they talked about “going to the toilet” since that is one aspect which has been on my mind. In one way, I am longing to leap into my little car and zoom off into the blue… but, oh dear, I will need a loo-break… and that is where my cunning plan falls down and I wake up to reality… :roll_eyes: :crazy_face: :frowning:

the link I have offered is not a “fools’ guide” but I still reckon it gives some insight/advice which explains what is (or can be ) involved… if folk really want to get things right and not make things worse…

Sue, Grandparents need chairs!

I’m 73, I don’t!

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I will be 73 in July and I do.
My back was damaged whilst I was unconscious from an anaesthetic, and whilst I complained about the pain, nothing was done until I threatened to leave to get a good night’s sleep, hence needing a chair.
Lucky you.

If we were living in England and still together as one family group we couldn’t see anyone, good hey. In Scotland and Wales it wouldn’t be a problem though, bonkers.

Hi Jane, sorry to hear that.

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I think the app will be useful in Paris and other cities where you’re likely to interact with a lot of people, most of whom you don’t know. In the country my experience is that most people know, or know of, each other to some extent. I could name several of the people I came across this morning at the local supermarket and farmers’ store. I can’t imagine any local people using the app unless they are travelling further afield.

assuming of course that a person you come into close contact with is using the app. It might only take one person whom you come into close contact with who is not identified as such and not using the app to get infected yourself. It’s too risky so assume nothing (the maxim to assume is to make an ass of you and me applies strongly) even if you are using the app yourself.

You’re right. Your original post got me thinking about the app, and the what ifs are numerous. For the moment I am not downloading it. I am armed with a battery of masks, in various jolly colours and at the moment, déconfinement or not, I have no desire or intention to mingle!

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Hard to believe… but we had 2 visitors walking through the village today. I was just walking home (with my mask in my pocket)… I saw them coming, so got my mask out.

I called hello to them and had a brief chat. As we neared I asked if they had their masks…

Oh yes… they’re in the car. We’re only walking around. :roll_eyes: the man then went on to say …“she is a pharmacist, so she knows what she’s doing”…

As you might imagine… with my best accent… I said (more or less)

Well, obviously not. You must know that it is important that folk wear a mask when meeting others if the situation demands it. Leaving the mask in the car is just not good enough.

He then countered with a … but I don’t need to wear it all the time…
and I came back with… why not carry it in your pocket… but do NOT leave it in the car…

phew I needed a stiff drink when I got back inside… fresh orange juice hit the spot. :relaxed: :relaxed:

Personally, I am of the opinion that those who feel strongly about wearing masks should be equally determined in their use of the app. It’s just another form of collectively responsible behaviour, so yes, I will be downloading it.


that’s fair enough thinking… for those areas which have good reception…

masks don’t rely on “reception” but they do rely on folk wearing them…

so neither is perfect… :crazy_face:

I was in Leclerc the other day, most people wearing masks. A man and his two young daughters were wandering round - no masks. He looked like an in-comer - wearing smart shorts, very tall, elegant. All the locals are still in thermals! :slight_smile:
I kept coming round corners and finding him and his kids right in front of me. I was bagging up tomatoes when he came alongside. Glancing round, I saw everyone in sight was wearing a mask, so I asked him (as politely as possible) “Everyone is wearing masks. We are protecting you and your children, What are you doing for us?” He jumped back two paces and said “keeping my distance” but he also disappeared pretty quickly and I heard one of his daughters asking him about “keeping my distance”. Sometimes shaming someone into changing their behaviour is the only option. Hopefully it worked. And for you Stella too. “She’s a pharmacist …!” Obviously a pharmacy to avoid!


and as for the relaxation of lockdown:

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People here don’t wear masks when outside, walking along roads or footpaths, unless it is busy so for example in town centre. There is no obligation to do so, and I certainly wouldn’t castigate someone for not doing so outside as long as they kept their distance. Surely that is safer than having a mask in your pocket that you take on and off? If you encounter someone with the virus, and it gets onto the mask then you will be transferring it to your face, your clothes, anything you then touch before you’ve cleaned your hands etc etc.

When I am going to go somewhere with people, ie shopping, I put a mask on before I get out of the car and keep it on until I return to the car when it goes into a plastic bag to be thrown away or washed depending on type of mask. Otherwise I don’t wear a mask and don’t expect other to either.

We regularly encounter people when walking the dog, but people stay well back and if it’s a narrow path people go right to the edge and turn their backs when passing. So no masks. Our difficulty has been making sure dog doesn’t go up to people, he’s not too good at social distancing.

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Each person will do their own thing… that is already very clear.

Whatever, I certainly intend to be prepared to protect others should a situation arise where I cannot maintain sufficient distancing. Thus when visiting a town or village… I will not leave my mask in the car… while I set off on foot… :upside_down_face: :wink: