Soreze Mairie (81540) planning to cull our cats (am also posting this on Pet Resuce page)


I have just been advised that our Mairie, along with a furrier (an animal trap/ ‘pound’ organization) is going to trap all of the cats in our village

We have a huge population that over the years volunteers like me have been trapping, neutering and releasing. We have all adopted cats but cannot take in any more. We continue to nourish and treat all the cats that remain in the streets and fields of our village.

I, for example, have 13 that live on my property but have four ferals that live outside, sleep in cat nests I built and come to my door to eat each day. They are unapproachable even after 3 years of caring for them. One remains unidentified and I have been unable to re-trap so as to take her to the vets

All cats will be taken to a centre, apparently the furrier will contact owners of those with ID and we will then have a set period of time to collect them – but we must pay for each animal reclaimed

Animals unclaimed will be killed or sent to laboratories (an employee of Pierre Fabre has secretly told me that their labs will receive unclaimed animals)

I am not only outraged but very worried about the number of feral and alley cats that we have managed to neuter and nourish but that remain at risk as they were trapped before it became a legal requirement to tattoo or chip. Furthermore we do not have enough cash to pay to have them released if they are trapped

What’s more, this ‘trap/kill’ program has been launched by our Ajointe Maire. This gentleman lives up the road from me and has always been very vocal about his dislike of cats.

He has been seen shooting cats in the village or attacking them with a baseball bat. Last year I rescued a kitten; a neighbor saw him beat the animal and when we managed to catch her we discovered he had broken her pelvis.

He denied doing anything, we have no proof and the witness was too scared to ‘porter plainte’.

His position in the Mairie has prevented local residents from taking a stand as they are too afraid. I am not afraid of this man but I need people on board to stand up to him

I really really need advice and support on this – the whole idea is abhorrent and makes me sick to the stomach

My questions are

Is this really legal? If so, are there any French or European laws that might provide a loophole?

How can I put enough pressure on my Mairie to finance a trap/neuter/release program rather than this barbaric idea? Our Mairie claims lack of finance – a load of rubbish as they are continually putting money in to other local causes as well as the village associations

Word is that the SPA will be running this project… stunned that the French SPA would go for this rather than trap/neuter/release. Is it true that the SPA would be willing to kill animals rather than trap/neuter/release?

Who are the best associations/activist groups to contact? How can I make so much noise that it becomes too embarrassing for the Mairie to support this……bearing in mind local elections are not that far off?

Would any of you animal lovers be prepared to sign my online petition – even though this is not in your area it could happen to you too?

How can we help people financially if they do not have enough money to pay to recuperate their animal? I spend hundreds a year on my rescue cats but if any get trapped there is no guarantee that I could pay the ‘release’ fee…..same applies to other cat rescuers here who are already financially sucked dry by cost of food, vets bills etc. Are there organisations that might be able to help cat owners in this position?

I have very little time to react and would appreciate any advice or comments you may have

Thank you

Melissa your right but as it was in the summer, I have long lost the bit of paper with the time called etc and so now will be useless I think to follow up with it. I ought you are quite right to have done it straight away. I was totally polite and even toned etc-I was taken aback that it was the central vetinary registration place that spoke to me like that. I forget their full title. It seems normally the vet should register your pet for you and they are supposed to notify the central office when a pet goes missing. It does seem that any Brits just on holiday with their dog for example-if it went missing their micro chip would serve no purpose whatsover! That cant be right!

Don't put up with any of this Nicky. Rude/ incompetent / mean people count on the fact that nobody blows the whistle. Take the time to write letters to the controlling agencies, copy them to a couple more + a couple of national animal rights organisations and then follow up.

If everyone of us stood up strong (like Sarah), everytime things like this happened, things would be quickly put right.

What do you think?

I found out rather late she was not registered here, had to pay to subsequently get her registered and the central office you have to ring to check if she is handed it..were rather rude and unhelpful..warn you now if you ever have to call them. Comments like 'well Madame votre chat has not a GPS!' in response to me simply asking if as she was by then registered-could they check if she had been handed in.

Sorry I am joining in the discuss of this one rather late-shame I never saw this earlier this year. My cat went missing and at the time i just wondered as we have an odd neighbour up the road if someone had handed her in..rather maliciously. I had been taking my cats for 2 years to the vet. It was only went she went missing that I found out my vet had never registered her on the French system. So even though she was micro chipped I would not be notified..not even to my English address (I checked that with them.) Do do double check your vet does the registration here!! I bet I know now what happened to my cat. The callous bunch of rats! So angry to read that they would round up people's pets and destroy them.

Thats great news Sarah,even better than you hoped for I imagine.Bet you had a smile when you heard about the Interpol call. Of course you can use the drawing.Look forward to seeing the blog.

Latest news from Sarah- excellent sarah and really well done!!

Sorèze Cat Cull Update

So after keeping a low profile but continuing my 'investigations' I had some FANTASTIC news last week

The Mairie is setting up an association to deal with the trapping/neutering and release of all ferals and strays. It will be headed by my cat assoc friend and I have been asked to be the nurse who cares for all cats post op

They are going to finance everything including the furnishing etc of a room in my building to be transformed in to a 'centre de soins'!

Am going to do a blog post shortly (hopefully with Suzi's fabulous drawing as a header if she will let me!)

At a meeting the mayor told my assoc friend he had received a call from Interpol. who saw the petition........they threatened him with legal action!!!

So Smiles All Round In Sorèze and a big thank you from all of us to all of you animal loving SFNers!

Well done Sarah, great job!

Wow! This is fabulous, I absolutely love it!

Pleased you all like the drawing,I was inspired by Sarahs determination and love of cats.I had several different ideas but this was the softest version.

Brilliant cartoon!

This is superb! Well done!

Suzy that is absolutely brilliant!!

I'm only sorry I didnt have a photo of you,as getting a likeness is my forté.Love the names of your cats.

Fabulous Suzy, This is a wonderful illustration, and vibrating with love, power and success. I just printed it out to hang in my office. This is a strong reminder to us all of what can be accomplished. And that's a great idea Lynn. Maybe the mayor and his team would like tee shirts?

It's fantastic! Thank you so much. I will print it off and frame it (and you even have my studio and Le Clocher in the background!)

This has to be one of the nicest things I have received

Here is a big kiss from me, Oscar, Bumbles, Onyx, Desmond, Elvis, Benji, Polaris, Houdini, Makondi, Florence, Fluff, Jason and Darius the British Bulldog X

Absolutely fabulous Suzy - I think it should be made into a poster and placed in Soreze Mairie!!

Thank you!

I do hope that people begin to stick up for themselves here - along with the mairie the village has been run for years but a few 'powerful' families. Now the population is changing - more foreigners, young couples wanting to live in greenbelt and commute to Toulouse and so forth

I have felt for a while that it is time the 'old guard' step down or wake up to the reality that we are in 2012 and things don't work the way they used to

Ow how sweet of you - but like yourself I have no idea how to post here nor how to access it!

We need to ask Catherine or James (are you receiving?)