Spam email

Hi there is a spam email which seems to come from service-clients it says it is a surprise from Orange a fidelity program… it asks you to enter a draw to win an iPad.

Don’t just don’t



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Yes thanks Graham. I was tired and let my guard down. I managed to act before any damage was done. Ive sent it to Orange abusé e-mail you provided. Thanks again


There was a flood of them over the last few weeks. Special offers from all and sundry ended up in my junk mail.

guy I know recently fell for some very authentic looking mails “from SFR” , warning him his account was compromised, he says he did some checks which led him to believe they were genuine, so he sent them the info requested…and they then got all his data, address book etc etc and started sending out mails in his name…nightmares are made of this :rage:

This is why it’s a good idea to inspect suspicious emails on a smartphone or non-Windows tablet.

99% of all the nasty, self-installing malware is targeting Windows users.

Have a long look at the email address as the sneaky **** might just have set up a fake domain that’s only 1 character different from the real one that they are impersonating.

Don’t believe the BS in the email. Do nothing with any spurious email and above all do not answer. They want your return-address, and if you send it they will resell it!

And you’ll get even more spurious emails!