Someone posted this to my profile today:


My name is jane i saw your profile today at and i love

it also became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i

want you to send an email directely to my email address so i can reply

your mail and also give you my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is

my email address( i believe we can move from love distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in

life.i waiting to recive your

lovely reply soon, Yours


Miss jane.

Whatever is the mad bint on about? :smiley:

Used to get lots of spam when I had an AOL a/c but since changing to Orange the incidence has dropped to almost Zero, NB both with the privacy settings turned up.
Never reply to spam it only shows that you have an active address. and a lot of spammers sell that info.

Oooer, p’raps not!
I must be keeping a low profile, other than my website address which receives countless pharmacutical offers…

Aw don’t all feel left out…I can forward you the rather more explicit offer I got on my phone first thing this morning if you like???

Ha, she didn’t want me either! Though to be fair, an offer of money would have been more likely to strike a chord!

Oh, I thought I was the only one, I am upset now…

Hi I received this same message yesterday…I’ve ignored it…I haven’t filled in my profile…so she’s talking nonsense.


That is soo rude!

Yep NEVER reply to spam, and if you don’t want e-mail off someone don’t give them your details, and if you do hand out your details don’t swear at them for using your address.

Chatting to the owner of my local cafe today who sends out emails to customers who have previously given him their mail address for forthcoming music nights (which are great!), he got an email back from a very friendly English chap saying f*** off you spamming b*******. Nice! Whilst there are things we can do to ignore Spam, I would not recommend this fellas approach. The owner’s very nice wife actually got the email & I think it’s safe to say this language was universally understood. As an English friend, they felt compelled to ask if this was normal in England? I hope not!
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I understand your concern but bear in mind that if you really don’t want pictures of your children to ever appear other than in your photo frame on top of the telly, don’t ever post them. Anywhere…

No site and no privacy settings are 100% watertight.

And wait till they get older and start posting stuff themselves - thats when the fun really starts!!

@ Suzanne - I’ve now commented on this and hopefully cleared it up but I really wouldn’t worry. I can’t recall you posting anything here that would be remotely ‘incriminating’. Like I said, you should never put anything, anywhere on line that you wouldn’t be 100% happy with ending up in the public domain.

Some one recently described the current Internet to me as the “New Wild West”, while not a particularly original thought , it does however describe exactly what we are dealing with.

I have felt for a long time that when you launch a browser you should get a pop-up message to remind you of this fact.

Stopping spam like this is not easy, I can assure you, as I have been a forum admin for nearly a decade with a computer security site, and just as you think you have them licked, they evolve. Some of the posts we use to get were quite awful - this type is very mild - but as fast as you ban them, the faster they morph.

There are people on the net whose sole job is obtaining and selling email addresses to spammers. Once the spammers have them, then this is the sort of nonsense you get in your inbox. The best spam filtering system I have ever used is the one included with Google mail, as once you mark an inbound email as spam, you never see them again, but this unfortunately is not going to help with your email on this site.

I would just advice if you receive an email like this from someone you don’t know, and the awful English in the first sentence is enough to just hit the delete button. If they persist, then let James know and this can be passed on up the tree to get Ning to work harder to stop them, they will never completely stop, for it is as Graig mentions ,an arms race.

I feel a little upset in that I haven’t had one yet, however it is a great reminder to all you translators that there is still plenty of work around while Google translate turns Phillipino love letters into English like that :wink:

Hello all!

We’re back and first of all @ Dave - sorry "Jane’ didn’t want to meet you! I’m sure it was nothing personal!!

As Craig and others have said, this type of spam is annoying but just that - Spam. Its generally computer generated and is highly unlikely to be coming from a weirdo who is interested in a particular person. As a working journalist, my contact and other details are all over the internet for anyone to see. Its one of those things that goes with the job. As a result I get thousands of emails - usually from lovely ladies offering to show me a ‘sexy’ video and wanting to be my friend…I even got one the other day purporting to be from my sister in law!

As Craig also pointed out, its really just a case of trying to stay one step ahead of the spammers and as Suzanne F and others have said, never write anything, anywhere on the internet that you are not happy for the whole world to see. If hackers can get into the Pentagon, they can access your ‘myspace’ account…

We had previously allowed members to join instantly, on the grounds that there is nothing more annoying than having to wait for your account to be approved. However we have now changed this policy - this should prevent any repeat postings from the like of ‘Jane’ and her ‘friends’. So should you invite any of your friends or contacts to join SF, please let them know that there might be a short delay before their account is approved.

Hope this clears this matter up for everybody!

Best wishes


Got the same message in my email inbox, best ignore I think -:slight_smile: Edwige

I didn’t get it, Jane don’t love Dave…

Just one thing to consider is that the site was set up to help business owners in France both get answers to questions, but also potentially gain new clients and contacts.

Search engines are one of the best ways for this to occur, closing down your member details so that other members can only see it means ‘potentially’ new customers won’t be able to contact you from the details provided on the contact page.

As Suzanne Andrews said, when writing to the site consider what you are saying as it will reflect upon you as your name is alongside the comment - personally I think that’s what makes the network so valuable to others.

I’ve written about transparency and its importance in the past, and as always any questions, thoughts or ponderings just shout.


I’ve just updated that so only members can view my profile now. I’ve been updating my privacy on facebook this week too as they keep trying to change it to ‘everyone’ rather than friends only. It’s an on-going challenge trying to protect your own details. I guess the message is…don’t post anything you wouldn’t be comfortable with the general public (including weirdo’s) finding out about you/your life.
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I had this too & when I hit read more it went no-where so was assuming Catherine/James barred the person, but now looks like it was Ning who binned them.

I’m used to getting the Nigerian money laundering emails…and the annoying fake banking spam mails but this was a new one on me. The I’m interested in you was a bit weird though and sent alarm bells ringing…strange thing to say.

I don’t mind the odd unusual person following my twitter as long as they don’t post weird stuff but on my SFN profile, no thanks!
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