Spot on flea treatment for cats

I have always used the frontline brand which was fine, but I think they have changed/weakened the formula. The last 2 years I have struggled to get him flea free. Has anyone found a good one in France.

Check out your pharmacy… locally they push Frontline… which is much cheaper here than UK… and my brother would always go back with a good supply in his case…

If you mention to the Pharmacist that the Frontline no longer seems to work, they may well be able to advise you on something stronger/suitable…

what does your Vet say… ???

We stopped using frontline a while back (for our dog). But in the days when we had a cat we found that the frontline treatments only worked when we made effort to deflea our house at the same time. Otherwise it’s an endless cycle.

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I don’t think they weakened the formula…it was more to do with fleas becoming resistant…it was marketed as a monthly spot on but the effects were found to be much longer lasting than a month… and eventually fleas became resistant to it…

Are you 100% certain it’s fleas…??? Have you seen them on him…??? Lots of things can cause itchiness and scratching from diet to environmental toxins…

I noticed when I first got here that frontline spray is available in my local bricolage…it’s for periodic use…and only if and when you actually see a flea in their fur…in uk it’s only available from a vet…

I don’t have cats but have Border Collies…coming up 3 years here and I haven’t had to use any chemicals on them at all…(I didn’t use them in uk either)

Apple cider vinegar…1 part vinegar to 2 parts water can be made into a spray which will make fleas jump off the cat …but if they are in the house then it may be necessary to treat the house first…

If the fleas are in the house then I would use food grade diatomaceous earth as a first line strategy…

Has he definitely got fleas…??? x :slight_smile:

Used Broadline last year but couldn’t seem to rid her of fleas. Since October we’ve used nothing and so far she’s flea free.

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I prefer regular combing with a good flea comb. Much cheaper and very effective. Also avoids chemicals.


It’s fleas sometimes you can see them on him, he’s black and white and on the white fur you see the odd one. I use the spot on more than once a month. Combing is not an option , he won’t be picked up or stroked. That’s why he’s never been to a vet. I spray the house every month or two. He’s out most of the time so mixing with other cats. I can’t believe the locals treat their cats, they don’t even feed them.

So yep…time to admit that frontline spot on is absolutely not working if you are having to use it more than once a month…I doubt that frequency is even recommended in the insert…

And you’re not able to get close enough for flea combing him…if you can get close enough to administer the back of the neck spot on could you get close enough to spray him with the cider vinegar solution…???

Another thought…many fleas are species specific…(although most fleas found on dogs are from cats and it’s cat fleas that are the most difficult to eradicate from the household environment…carpets and bedding…)

I have hedgehogs occasionally come in my garden and my Collies are inclined to picking them up and bringing them into the lounge for me to deal with…I have occasionally seen a flea on their fur after they’ve had a hedgehog encounter but I know that a hedgehog flea can’t live on a dog or in the house so I don’t worry about it…

Naemotodes in your own garden may help also…

I do sympathise…these furry four legs certainly take over our hearts…x :slight_smile:

I have made some progress, I have tried another brand of spot on treatment, early days but it seems to have got rid of them. Found it on eBay, provet is the brand, made in the Ukraine. Meant to be stronger than the UK stuff. He has stopped scratching.

What a coincidence…the seller seems to have the same name as you.


Maybe he is resident in the Ukraine too :wink:


Also seems to be based in the UK and sells amongst other items chopping boards and mole treatments.

Would this be you by any chance Brian Swift ?

Well, Brian did post on the mole infestation thread, and found some poison on eBay…

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I’m not sure of the ins and outs of all this but is there no regulation of the strength of product used? I know Stella commented on the mole thread about it?

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It’s possibly one of the reasons that Brian is so keen to leave the EU’s regulations.

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I have commented about the new rules and regulations about the use of chemicals etc in France…

and we have heard from the Professionals, too.

Frankly, IMO it is unwise to buy anything that is not approved in France… if you are intending to use it in France… 'nuff said.


It works very well. So does the mole poison. I am a resident of Andorra but have interests in London. I also visit France regularly.

For fiscal reasons ? If you are the Brian Swift selling products on E bay then it states that you are based in the UK !

So does this.

Maybe trying to ‘reap’ the best of both worlds re tax ?