Spouse of EU citizen

Good Morning. I have trawled through a number of documents and articles but cannot seem to find a definitive answer. My wife is an Irish Passport holder and I am UK. We have lived and worked here for over 12 years. As the spouse of an EU national do I have the right to go where she wants to go without any bar to freedom of movement, i.e say move to Spain? Also would I have to apply for a CDs in my name only or would I even need one? Any pointers gratefully received

did you include this resource in your research?

Thank you for that Graham. It would appear to answer main question. I am still not clear if I need CdS as I still have no passport

Sorry should have said UK passport!!

Is that you have never held a passport or just that it has expired? What form of ID/travel document do you possess?

I believe that all UK nationals will be required to apply for a WA carte de sejour when the site opens as we will be third country immigrants. It is likely to be a very simple process and you should have no problem as spouse of EU member plus having been here 12 years.

You should get a permanent card, and it might save a lot of hassle in future if you have one. Eg coming into country on UK passport.

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On the flowchart for the CdS WA Application… copies of documents to be supplied… definitely lists Valid Passport…

(you might well be in a different category… who knows)

but, perhaps getting a new passport might be a step in the right direction…

EDIT just realised you since say you have UK valid passport… so not sure which one you don’t have … :joy: :joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have always had full UK passport and was renewed last year for full 10 years

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what passport are you talking about :thinking:

Thank you all for information. I will now wait till October and put in my application. Don’t yet know if one of questions will be about nationality of spouse. Not a major problem as not planning to leave France at present!! If I did more than likely to go to Ireland!!

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It was a typing error!!

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It’s one of those days… :roll_eyes: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

take care everyone… it’s going to get hot… and then hotter…

Ah… that explains it

Does that mean “will do” or “ought to?”

Should do @Mike_Kearney :wink:

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Still ambiguous Graham.
Could mean “are likely to get it automatically” or “are advised to apply for this in addition.”

“Should” basically means what is probable. Yes it’s a weird verb as formally the past tense of shall, but is used as an auxillary verb in some instances that are in present and future. In this case to show a possible future event or express what is likely.

So it is not “you will do”, as if it were 100% definitive I wouldn’t have used should.

then how about «have no choice but to» or «be duty bound to» ?
all about semantics… just «do it»! you know it makes sense :wink:

I think we are getting there.
I first need to apply for the “Carte de résident de 10 ans d’un étranger en France.”
Having done that, it is advisable to apply for permanent residence.

One more question?
Will that serve as proof of identity and allow me to travel in the EU, or will I still need a valid UK passport?