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Good afternoon.

Is anyone currently using Starlink in France? If so, what do you think, and more importantly, which generation dish did you receive with your package?

I’m fed up with the interminable wait for fibre. Can’t get any information on it in my area, and when to anticipate any connection - although the infrastructure up and down the street was installed late last year (since when, falling branches have downed the fibre cable…)



Didn’t @james try it?

I was thinking @PeterJ, but I may be mistaken.

Yes we’ve had it for a while now, it’s great, fiber is now an option for us but I wouldn’t change due to the instability of the infrastructure and having to deal with Orange or whoever

Excellent, thank you.

Did you have a long wait, and do you know which version of the dish you got – I don’t think the latest (v3) is available here, yet.

The newer router has 2 Ethernet connections, too, but I think the earlier versions require an adaptor.

Thanks for your reply


Yes Sir, I am very happy with it. Ours is also a V2, its moved a fair bit since we first installed it as Starlink are ‘tuning’ peoples dishes to try and reduce latency - seems to have worked. Dish combo pic


Thanks, Peter – I have bravely taken the plunge!!



A friend of mine in the Dordogne got a V2 Starlink when Darty was banging them out for €199,99.

Works a treat, though he did have to jury-rig a WiFi extended to link the Starlink system to his house WiFi.

Be aware that the optional Ethernet cable is only 15m long and comes with a proprietary, large and fugly connector that’s pain to fit through any existing cable ductwork.

The good news is that anyone who speaks Ethernet and has an RJ45 crimp tool can extend this cable easily.

Thanks for that. The cable that is coming with the kit is 75 feet long, apparently! I’m aware of the awkwardly shaped plugs. Looking forward to its arrival, in the not -to-distant future, I hope.

I would expect yours to be a V3 - apparently quicker than V1 / V2

Please let us know how you get on.

Reading the blurb, I think it’ll be a generation 2, which is OK because it’ll be easier to fit on the roof.

We’ll see, and I’ll report back - it’s on the way, apparently…


V2 are easier as you will not have to keep re-aligning the dish when Elon does his tuning to try and lower the latency which does so far appear to have achieved quite a reduction. Give the dish a bit of room for when/if it moves, our install was quite tight to the edge of the roof and we raised it slightly, a good thing as the first move would have caused a collision of dish and roof :crazy_face:
Since we installed Starlink, Orange did turn up and complete the connectivity of the fibre sitting outside the house (over a year), so we now have Orange Fibre and Starlink.

Hello, Peter.

I wondered about the installation – belt and braces – I’ve ordered a pipe adaptor in case I have to install it on a bracket fixed to the wall, but have also ordered the weighted roof pitch mount – hopefully I can mount it on the roof pitch, where it won’t be obstructed by anything. That kit was almost as much as the Starlink itself! I hope that all the various bits are compatible with each other, as Starlink has not indicated which version it will be – I am assuming second generation.

You can bet your life that as soon as it’s up and running, the fibre will miraculously be available…


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Hi Chris,

We’ve been using Starling for about 18 months now. We have the generation 2 dish and router. So far, the service has been 100% perfect and we constantly get around 150-200 Mbps down and around 10-25 Mbps up. The service even works during storms and have never had any downtime at all. Even though we don’t have fibre near our house, we wouldn’t switch over even if it became available.


Thanks for that, Tony. It’s beginning to look as if we made the right decision. I gather the kit and accessories are in the process of being despatched, so we wait expectantly…



On offer at the moment:

Wow, it’s much more expensive in the UK than in France…!

I wonder if the lower cost is due to competition from full fibre/4G which seems to be more increasingly available.

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Probably fewer users in France…

Musk tweeted this earlier about Starlink…