State visit - how embarrassed are you?

Just seen a clip.

Camilla looks like she went clothes shopping at World of Sofas and asked to be upholstered in a bargain colour scheme option.

Charles’s hair…… it looks like the mice have been at it…

Just embarrassing.


And she’s only a few years’ older than Brigitte but looks more like a century.

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I was thinking they look different generations but they are 6 years apart.
It does demonstrate how very oddly women in the UK royal family dress, or rather are made to dress for official occasions.

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Camilla smokes comme un pompier, which possibly doesn’t help either.

I can’t imagine Diana would have looked so haggard were she still alive.

And as Lady Susan Hussey would say “where are you from”?.. :joy:

Having a much younger husband may help :heart_eyes:


Charles is younger than Camilla - not by 25 years sure, but younger.

I think we’ve already answered that question about Camilla… DFS. Diana was definitely more Heal’s to Camilla’s DFS value line. I bet being the pompous ass he is Charles bought her on the one day of the year they weren’t having a 50% off sale too…

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Everyone is younger than Camilla :rofl:


Yes, deeply; but I’m not too bothered by how they dress.


Mieow. :roll_eyes:
I am not embarrassed at all, and feel I have no need to defend such an outdated institution, but of all the misfits in that family and organisation I think both of them are the best of a bad bunch.
For crying out loud, who cares what Camilla looks like, for her age whatever it is, or out of it. Much better than the botoxed, crimsoned lippy, plaster faced horrors we sometimes see. I will always defend a woman, or man, who grows old gracefully, and imo she comes into that category.


I’m not really qualified to talk about clothing, and I won’t mock someone’s age (after all a long and happy life is the ambition of most of us), but I had a front row seat at the Arc and, despite not being a royalist, thought it went really well. Walking back down the Champs Elysee there was a palpable excitement, though mixed with frustration that it took an age before they reopened the road for people to cross.


Good for you.

Well said! Exactly my sentiments.


Victoria Wood’s " DinnerLadies, Series 1, Episode 2,Royals" on You Tube is hilarious IMO but maybe 21 minutes in would be excluded these days !
Only saw this series last year for the first time .

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All that’s important is their visit should strengthen the bond between France and the UK at least at head of state level, do the devout republicans on here think the tens of thousands that Mr and Mrs Macron spend on their hair every year enable Manu to do his job better and more relevant, should the French taxpayer pay for the privilege?


At least they look good !

Quite sure the von Windsors spend equal amounts; the royal barber needs to be sacked.


And absolutely not. But we shouldn’t be paying for the royals either.

Absolutely no issue on my part with what she looks like physically and I totally agree re ageing gracefully. It’s the frump central outfit I object to.

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Unless you’re a UK taxpayer you don’t. :wink: