Sterling plummeting

Yes indeed - I’ve been kicking myself for not doing my delayed transfers over the weekend, as I’d been advised to do. At the end of last week the exchange rate had gone up a bit and I was just get ready :roll_eyes:

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Looks like we just sneaked in on the 18th Jan with £875 transferred to 998.50€ @ 1.1411 :wink:
I’ve have done more at the time but that took me to my free exchange limit on Revolut for the month

Good news for me as I received a text from Nationwide saying I need to transfer some money back to the UK :slight_smile:

But also bad news for me because it means I’ve gone into my overdraft hence them sending me a text :man_facepalming:

Gone are the days when I used to get 10 French Francs to the Pound Sterling. Sigh!

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That was when you could get a menu du jour for 10 Francs I seem to remember ?

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Don’t know. Income was low, so didn’t eat out in those days, except when invited by my farming neighbours, where all food on the table was home grown and fresh.

How many shillings was that

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Gone are the days when I used to get 10 French Francs to the Pound Sterling. …I remember it well , we agreed to buy our property 1996 but when it came to pay 8.5 Frances to the pound

It’s not obvious butmost models on site can be ordered with a qwerty keyboard

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20 shillings or 240 pence, 40 sixpences ,480 half pennies , 80 thruppences ,2 x10 shilling notes, 8 half crowns 10 florins and a hand full of Farthings and for the hell of it bung in 4 crowns

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Careful, you’re giving Jacob Rees Mogg an orgasm


I feel myself aging just reading that.

That was on the back of my exercise books as a tiny child along with rods poles perches chains etc and bushels.
But I can’t remember pre-decimal money.

So why do horses still run in furlongs?
Or is that now another name for a winter coat!

My first pocket money was a tanner a week a whole 6D

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Ah but you could go to the cinema, have a bag of chips and still have change for the bus :joy:

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That dragged memories flooding back, lone ranger and lassie at the saturday matinee with zulu the main feature, wonderful :smiley: :smiley:

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Ten French francs would have been worth twenty shillings. One French franc would equal two shillings. I think that’s right.

Aha! I’ve seen that stevefrance64 has answered better than I!

Thanks :sunglasses:
Well that’s my helping of gobbledygook for today, it reminds me of the Dave Allen sketch about telling time, comic genius :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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You had me panicking there for a minute - 15 posts since last night. I wondered if we were down to parity.