Still Trying to Register!


(Karen Thomas) #1

Before I go nuts this is the state of play:

I have been running around in circles playing chicken and egg.

I need to register in France to get a SS number, Carte Vitale and register as an AE.

CPAM do not deal with the self employed.

I have managed to narrow this down to the Chamber of Commerce - which may seem easy until your realise there are two of them.

I got in touch with one and spoke to a very helpful English speaking lady who informed me I'd got the wrong one.

She, kindly, then got in touch with the other Chamber of Commerce and sent me an email with their phone number.

She told me that they can register me if I go there (Bourges - I'd prefer not, thank you) or online.

I then phoned the 2nd Chamber and they didn't have an English speaking lady.

If you can register on line simply for the SS number via the Chamber of Commerce or anywhere else, please let me know - that, of course, is without it being necessary for me to already be registered as an AE. That's where the chicken and egg situation comes in.

Oh, and La Ram and RSI could, if you let them, drive you insane...really, they are useless.

(Karen Thomas) #2

It was me that put the posting up about exportable benefits and starting off new claims when in France but from the UK.

If you scroll down the page on this link

you can see that CB can still be claimed after you move to France. You really have to dig deep to find out the real facts - I've been bodyswerved more times than you can shake a stick at in the UK when it comes to benefits. Then they happily tell you that they will not backdate any claims for more than 3 months.

My AS doesn't speak a word of English but I did email her some stuff before I went and did take all the forms (half filled in) that I thought were relevant. If you go to the Mairie and ask they will tell you how to contact the AS. It is, as I found out, not always directly through the Mairie! I don't know about them coming to your home - it may well be - they seem to work on an out-reach basis.

(Sarah Pain) #3

Yes I am confused too. I did a lot of inquiring when I planned to move to France about Child Benefit etc, the CSA and child maintenance etc and I was told by someone that I was entitled to CB for possibly up to 12 months unless I decided to take residency here (as I was originally only coming for 12 months to see how the kids were with it before deciding) and someone else said only 8 weeks, however my CB stopped after only a month of being here. Someone on here the other week pointed out that we should indeed be able to get payments from the UK for certain things.

No I have been thinking of sorting out the Assistante Sociale recently. I have been told that if you go to your Mairie, they often have a list of ASs that speak English and my village has a lot of ex-pats so I imagine they should have one here. Although I am fine in French it may be easier sorting out the important stuff in English if possible. After all, the French system is now getting over 26% of my income, I should get something back!! I will let you know but an ex pat friend of mine also said that the AS can come to your home to go through the paperwork with you, I am not sure if that is the case everywhere.

(Karen Thomas) #4

I remember seeing that post - I think it's like anywhere else, you start talking to the wrong person and you're stuffed.

I'm still arguing with the UK over some things - and they are still, at a high level, giving me the wrong information.

Did you ever get to see an Assistante Sociale? and if you did, were they any good?

(Sarah Pain) #5

Hi karen,

I think you have to 'friend' someone on the forum to send PMs (almost looks like PMS! It's a good job they are not called Personal Message Texts eh?! )

It does seem that the French are not very quick to put EU laws into place. Brian (admin) on here showed me links to a new EU law which has now been passed (feb of this year I think) but not yet in place here which clearly states that official documents from one EU country do not have to be translated into French in order to help simplify processes. However, the RSI still insist I spend a couple of hundred Euros to please them!!

(Karen Thomas) #6

Well, I'm definitely going to give it a shot with just the SSN.

You hear so many different stories - some people seem to find it easy to get registered and everything sorted and then other people struggle enormously to get into the system.

This 3 month rule appears to apply all over Europe - which is interesting because I was talking to a guy in the UK last month who appeared to be under the impression it was just the Brits who had imposed it in a supposed crackdown on immigration. He was pointing out that it was mainly affecting ex-pats who want to return. He said that there should be no 3 month rule - it's against EU legislation and free-movement. I don't think he believed me when I told him the same rule applied in France!

(Sarah Pain) #7

Hi karen,

Well I have to get meds for Cancer monthly and every time I go to the chemist they ask for my CV and when I say I don't have one, they ask for my SSN. The CV is only a physically easier way of dealing with your medical stuff as it can be swiped etc. I think you only registered a few weeks ago, give it another couple of weeks for the Attestation to arrive, the CV won't come until you have supplied the translated docs to the relevant body (in my case the RSI). I DO know that you can fill in your claim form and send it off for reimbursements without a CV so long as you have your SSN.

It is a very lengthy process and by French law, after being registered and paying taxes for 3 months we are allowed into their social system but they still make it as difficult as possible!

(Karen Thomas) #8

Hi Sarah,

I did mean you - I should've mentioned which Sarah!

I've only got my SS number - not the Attestation or CV and I'm still not sure if I can go to the GP with that and get reimbursements.

It's these contradictions that are the problem - like you say, on the one hand you have the RSI saying they need birth certificates before reimbursements yet HM gave you an attestation anyway.

I've definitely got no higher aspirations to recieve a CV!

(Sarah Pain) #9

Hi karen,

I am not sure if you are referring to me or the other Sarah who replied to this discussion but I still have no CV. I received a letter from RSI within about 3-4 weeks requesting that I submit translated birth certificate etc within 3 months otherwise any reimbursement eligibility for health costs would be paused until such documentation was received. I did though receive an attestation from Harmonie Mutuelle the second month after registering as AE which from what I gather is more than adequate for you to submit your reimbursement requests etc until your get your CV.

Oh the ever illusive Carte Vital. They are more valuable than Gold it would seem!! :-)

(Karen Thomas) #10

I'm not replying to myself but Sarah!

Sarah, I've got through a bundle of forms from RSI - some relevant and some not. But they don't appear to be about my Carte vitale more about CMU.

When did you get your Attestation de Droits? That seems to be the important bit at the moment. I'm fully expecting pain when it comes to the Carte Vitale but the Attestation would help things along a bit.

(Karen Thomas) #11

Can't seem to reply to you directly, Sarah - but thanks for the information.

As long as I am registered with someone I'll be greatly relieved! This has gone on long enough and nearly driven me mad. Having just a few official bits of paper makes me feel an awful lot better!

(Sarah Pain) #12

Hi Karen,

Everything was done automatically for me. I registered online, Got a letter from INSEE about a week later. After about another month, got my letter from RSI requesting photcopies of docs for Carte Vitale etc. Then after about 2 months from registration I got a letter from Harmonie Mutuelle (who I chose to register with requesting my bank details for reimbursements etc. So I had to do nothing other than register and they seem to notify all the relevant bodies.

(Karen Thomas) #13

Ricky, What happens next with regard to registering for everything else?

Do I need to do something, or nothing?

I had another email from them this morning confirming my application and saying they will be in touch and that my details are sent to INSEE regarding corporate taxes and social organisations.

It also says that my AE status is reviewed separately and I will get a response regarding my SIRET number.

They aren't rushing me off in another direction but I don't know if I should be...

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(Karen Thomas) #15

"No, there shouldn't be any problems."

Just making a joke....

(Andrew Hearne) #16

(Karen Thomas) #17

I'm just wondering how you managed to type the last six words, Andrew - whilst sitting on your hands with your fingers crossed!

(Andrew Hearne) #18

Was with campi then prévadiés when an AE - now with UTIM. They're all pretty much the same but most AEs here seem to go for RAM - done, no there shouldn't be any problems ;-)

(John Scully) #19

I understand Sarah but to avoid getting frustrated and wasting time it’s generally better to try and see it from the French angle. Usually, but always, they only believe/accept French documentation. Often they SHOULD accept other stuff but one has to weigh up the personal grief vs just doing what they are comfortable with. Regarding Banking, the French system is very different to the UK. Cheques, for example are guarenteed without a “banker’s card” and if you write one without sufficient funds it’s the cops that pay you a visit. Going overdrawn without permission is a capital offence :slight_smile:

(Karen Thomas) #20

I did put in RAM - but it's done. I have my little declaration certificate and my numbers - so now they process it. I expect problems but I've at least got my foot in the door - at last!