Storage of personal stuff

I have done a search in Property & Home and Moving to France but seen nothing helpful - yet. The word storage is usually just that - a word included in a post about removals services.

Are there companies in France doing self-storage based on a compound of shipping containers? Quite a number of these have sprung up in UK in recent years. I’ve used one myself, for years.

They are far, far cheaper - about £25/week and no insurance requirement - than the Big Yellow Box or Blue Space type storage companies. These charge eye-watering amounts for their in-house insurance - insurance being mandatory to use their facility - and none of the UK insurance companies will insure personal possessions in storage except on a 3 month basis of a household policy, following removals due to fire/flood/catastrophe.

Alternatively, has anyone a recommendation for a storage facility in this patch.

Have you tried Homebox?

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Put “stockage des meubles” into Google… brings up stuff all across France…

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I had a go with that, thanks. Along with the usual industrial units dotted about they seem to represent a woman who is offering storage in what looks like a row of 6 what were bus or truck garages - possibly ye olde haywains - out in the countryside. Just my style.

As in UK, the HomeBox and similar facilities all impose their in-house [they call it independent!] insurance policies.

Plan B would be to buy a 7.5 tonner and do both removals and storage in that. Drive it back to UK with a load on pays all the running costs and flogging it gets your money back. It’s a not uncommon option.


I hope you’ve still kept your UK licence, when exchanging it for a French one they have a habit of knocking off all the other categories over 3 tonnes etc… :truck:

Having filled in a permis application recently I think that’s because either there’s a requirement for a medical or the requirement for the medical is more frequent. Anyway, I remember thinking whatever the extra condition was, the hassle wasn’t worth it. No doubt I will now have an urgent need to drive a seven tonner.

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As you do… I often wake up with the urge too… :rofl:

I got a Spanish one before I turned 70 so I wouldn’t have to take the test again - in Sp.

Lawks a’mammie! Guess what! Cat C dun gawn!


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That’s a bummer! :joy:
(remind me what Cat C was) horse and cart ? light aircraft - ice cream van? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol

3.5-7 tonnes < 9 seats.

Or in my mis-spent pre retirement effort to jack up my meagre NI contributions, the passengers, nicely chilled, were 3 tonnes of pigs and lambs hanging from hooks on rails in the back.

Avonmouth > Big Mac’s in Swansea.

Going round corners with that lot swinging about made life interesting.

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Don’t know if this helps anyone but last year I stored furniture etc in a part container for a few months. I used Resocontainer who have depots in many parts of France. I used the one near Albi and was impressed with the set-up and the very reasonable cost.
It was the cheapest by far compared with others in the area. It was secure with 24H access, nice people too.


You could try asking Dapper Direct who are based in Leicester and Angers. They provide a removal service but are currently storing some of my personal possessions as there were issues with the ferry before Christmas. I was previously looking for storage myself and found three possibilities in the Mayenne area but can’t recall what they were called. Good luck!

Peter, thanks…that’s just the sort of outfit I hoped to find. I tried ‘Resocontainer’/‘Resocontainer France’/‘Resocontainer storage’/‘Resocontainer stockage’ but nothing comes up but 'Did you mean ‘Resin Containers?’

D’you have a web address, please?

I’ve just received the Home Box quote - the usual for this kind of operation. For those who finds these facilities suit them - and they do have their merits, yer 'tis …

8 m2 /21 m3 - First 2 months 93€ pm - Month 3 +++ 140€ pm [TTC]
Insurance [mandatory] 9€ pm : 3000€ /14€ pm : 5000€ … etc

This is based on a ‘special offer’ supposedly expiring 15th Jan but my experience is that these ‘offers’ are rolling and this is what you can expect any time you approach them.

Hi Christopher


Bingo! Perfect! Thanks, Peter.

Good recommendation Peter. You may have given some of my valuables (read detritus) a reprieve. I’ll just tell herself I’m off to the dechetterie, my dechetterie :shushing_face:

My son my youngest is an Hgv driver in uk…a class below articulated…he’s off to Australia (Northern Territory Darwin in April for a year on a working holiday…We’ve been looking into what he needs to do to work as an HGV driver in Australia…seems he will have 3 months to exchange his uk licence to an Aussie licence but if he hasn’t in those three months completed an HGV equivalent theory test and some training on the different gearbox then it’s likely he would only be allowed to drive a car or van…

We also have family in Perth so I’ve put him in touch with a uk Hgv company based in Perth…

(As an aside his girlfriend from November 2019 is working in China for a year…he’s been looking at visa requirements so he can fly from Oz (whether Darwin or Perth) to China for 2 weeks in August 2020…it doesn’t seem to be straightforward…!)

I appreciate that none of this is probably relevant but just that as his mother I hope he has an amazing 12 months over there whether he ends up in Darwin or Perth…

In sympathy as it’s certainly not cheap to gain HGV entitlements on a uk licence but seems pretty easy for another country to knock them off…!


Helen, have you looked into when he comes back from Oz, what he will have to do to exchange the Oz licence back to a UK one. New set of driving tests perhaps?.

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John, you clearly have it. You are infected - thingitis. It has a psycho-philosphical equivalent - stuffism. Both are to be struggled against with all one’s might.

It liberates the soul, especially from the burden of telling porkies to 'erself.

Hi @captainendeavour, are you related to @Peter_Goble by any chance? I’m seeing many similiarities. :grinning: