Studio setup

OK. how does one fire them ordinarily?

If you don't have a PC socket on your camera, you're going to need a hot shoe to pc adapter if you want to fire it like that.

It's a Manfrotto 001B

Not the cheapest option though.

it's all up and working, but I think I need a PC adaptor port accessory. any ideas?

How does one get them to work manually? On the head there's



Test and a

Turny Knob

Hi James, where did you get the brolly and stand?

it's out of the box..Just waiting for it to get dark. errhem.

Has Ron had his tackle out yet :D

Commando mode? what no pants?

It is a nice shot Stu. It has an antique quality about it. Just out of interest would you have been keen to push the final shot further, by increasing the contrast, right up to say a complete line conversion?

Is that, would you say, just a matter of personal taste, or is it me always tempted to tweak?

Hi again,

I took a shot in April, on a train of a guy call Peter. Obviously in was darker inside the carriage than the 'daylight' from outside, I was very pleased with the shot... to view go to Pinterest, and scroll down to 'Peter'

excellent link Mike, thank you. I do have a 'standard lamp'-adjustable uplighter that someone gave me, it throws out a fierce Halogen glow. I may give that a whirl.

Yes interesting YouTube link... very illuminating! ( see what I did there? )

or the shot itself Here

Two "gels" on the flash, blue and red (old plastic folders cut up.)

Colour Temperature Orange Mike as in CTB would be blue etc. It's a colooured "Gel" on the front of the flash (piece of plastic).

I must get me some gels, that looks nice and "warm". I have used some pieces of old plastic binders cut up. That's what I did for the milk splashes. But the orange wasn't particularly nice. Very nice James :D

what does full cto mean?

Here's a video that describes how to take a low-key photo using home made equipment, Ron. Something you mentioned earlier.

Single bare flash unit with full CTO.

Single Nissin flash with home made diffuser, using command mode, so no flash from the camera.![](upload://4f455dv7DovvLrgMScKCztDPHKK.jpg)

Hi James, Mike and Stu. Thanks for your interest and offers of help. I have invested in the lighting kit ( it's on its way. ( woop )

For what its worth, currently I don't use any flash in poor light conditions, preferring to pull a raw frame back in a simple balancing App such as Preview.

I'm happy with the results I get in available light, outdoors, but yes, I relish the idea of climbing up a stage or so ( towards the higher echelons of mastery like you guys )

What does appeal, Mike, is B/W portraiture, lit heavily from one side. I have seen, in the group, some excellent examples, some I believe lit by daylight, or naked light bulbs?

I am extremely pleased with the Canon EOS1100 D, even tho' it's low end, but I haven't explored any 'manual' override of facilities.

The Macro side ( outdoor ) also fascinates, but budget extends to some close up rings ( metal as previously suggested by Stu. ) only.

Where MIke finds some of his subject matter astounds me... let alone what he does with the shots, It would be nice to aim towards such brilliance.

If I were honest I am not trying to achieve a perfect glossy Pro look, my subject matter ( to date ) is intuitively framed shots of the obscure..street furniture, an odd crop of a drain cover....whatever

I attach a pic I shot last year with my previous camera, technically not brilliant but, the layout is pleasing to my eye, and it seems to say something.

I'll report in when my gear arrives.

Have a good weekend all.


LOL, where do you stop? We don't :D Totally agree James, I bought cheaper Nissin flash and it is amazing. I may even buy a second to light up the other side of my ugly mug. Diffusers would help too. I will wait to see how Ron gets on and I may even invest myself.

You're right in my opinion Stu, but where do you stop, one single pro flash gun will cost you more than 400 euros and you can achieve the same effects with cheaper equipment. Unless you need the gear to work 100% of the time every day then why not buy the cheaper stuff?

Good idea for a topic. Is there a way to post links to articles over time, like a reading list? Cheers.