Sudden very strange behaviour of my dog. Advice please

It is not the heat, he has been in and out of the sun all day and there is at least one room in the house which is cooled by a/c.
He was fine when the 1st health visitor arrived, and afterwards, but later after the 2nd one arrived we noticed his frantic searching in every room and outside.
He did not automatically come in for his dinner and refused to sit and wait for it when he did come, He is normally 100% on this obedience, even if I walk out of the room to give him the command.
He then refused his crunchie teeth cleaning treat afterwards.
I videod 2 minutes of it and it is uploading to YT at the moment, but that might take another hour. I can’t upload it directly to here.
Any advice please?

I am no expert but we had a dog that lost appetite then gradually lost interest in everything. A friend suggested the disease carried by ticks. A quick blood test confirmed it then after an injection she was right as rain.

Thanks @Mik_Bennett , never thought of that as he does have a Siresto collar. Do you remember them saying that it happened very suddenly?
This was an extremely sudden event, one moment fine, the next all over the place.
I would have no chance describing it on the phone to the vet so either Annabel one of the health visitors who will be here in the morning and is an animal lover/keeper and is fluent or my video of his behaviour sent to the vet will be first on the list in the morning.
I’ll post a link on here too as soon as it’s done

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Oh dear David, sorry to hear that your pooch is unwell.

I confess I’m not going to be of much help - on seeing the post, but not the poster, my first thought was “David will have some sort of idea”

Is your vet open on Saturday?

I found this link - some things to think about?

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Thanks @billybutcher , a quick flash through that does not seem to explain such a sudden change but I will one way or the other, get onto the vet in the morning.
At the moment he is lying perfectly conscious and without pain in the earth just outside the back door.
If I can get proper access to his bum I could take his temperature.

Video’s ready:

He was still lying on the soil outside, totally calm with head raised.
I managed to persuade him inside and onto his sofa with a bit of cheese, which he did not take immediately.
He tried to climb off again but I managed to calm him enough to get the thermometer in and, big relief 38.2, the lower end of normal.
10 minutes later he has settled in the same place and seems calm now.
I will still ring the vet tomorrow with Annabel’s help and post the video on PAD’s (his owner’s) forum shortly.
Fingers crossed, it will be ok now.

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I hope he is OK :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Toxin of some sort?

If that was our dog then it would be digestive, and he would have eaten something truly disgusting and be feeling absolutely horrid, be unable to settle and pant heavily. One time he ended up convulsing and we rushed him to the vet who gave him an emetic, plus loads of kaolin, and all resolved in a very smelly mess in tne car on the way home.

Could he have eaten something?

Some vets will do house calls.

(Generally with ours we now know, as we smell his breath (too much detail I know) , and so wait calmly to be woken at 4am as he finally wishes to rid himself of whatever by any means possible. But your dog is not our dog…)

Completely not a dog expert but I would say sudden onset pain and looking for peace from it, but not finding it.

Before I saw the video I thought “He’s been stung”.
But such a lovely coat on him and I would have tbought you might have seen where, if so. I like Jane’s theory that it could be digestive. Did he steal a lipstick out of the first aide’s handbag and eat it?

Otherwise could have been something incipient, perhaps something that happened a long time ago that has now come out. Or something else incipient - I hope not.

Has he taken water as normal and have there been any bowel movements?

I blame you for making me spend so much time watching the animal videos that followed yours, as well. I particularly liked the cat and raccoon.

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To be honest David I don’t think you will get the answers you need on here. I would go to the vets as soon as they open tomorrow and ask them to test for pirowhateveritis. Our dog showed symptoms suddenly and got worse quickly. You do need to act quickly. If untreated it can be fatal. The vet can test the blood very easily using a microscope. All vets carry the antidote because it is quite common. If I am wrong you have only wasted a visit to the vet but that is much better than the possible consequences of doing nothing . Bon courage.


A little later I noticed that he had left the settee and, I presumed, had gone outside. When I looked he was back there on the loose earth just outside the back door. He seems perfectly relaxed and does not show signs of pain.

But, last year he limped on his left hind leg and the vet said he had a cruciate ligament problem but that it was not serious and he would work it out. This proved to be the case, but a week or so ago it re-occurred. At the vets again they didn’t seem worried but gave me some anti-inflammatory liquid ‘in case of need’. Again it got better so I didn’t give him any. I notice tonight though that he was lifting that leg again but it is hardly noticeable from the video.

Just had a look and he is lying down again outside the door. He is a very obedient dog and always sits on command but now refuses to do so, so I am inclined to think that may be the problem. I’ll get Annabel to ring the vet in the morning after she has seen him and the video.

She’s really here for Fran but Fran isn’t limping at all. :innocent:

@Mik_Bennett , yes I see the point of that but despite my flippant remark about Fran, something important to her is arriving in the morning, a large screen to deflect the clima cold air into her room and I must be here to receive it. Hence the planned phone call. :smiley:

Edit: Just watched the video again and he is putting full weight on that left hind leg, especially as he gets off the settee, in fact that leg touches the floor before the other one.

We have arranged with our vet to send him a video of our pup as he has started trembling for no obvious reason. Maybe you could do the same with yours tomorrow morning?

Yes, that is what I will ask them first thing, on their website there is no mention of an email address. I am sure if it is possible they will prefer that as, since covid, they are a rdv only practice now, more’s the pity.

I changed to them years ago from the previous one because you could always bank on their rdvs running at least an hour late. This one was a no rdv one and I have never been in and out in more than half an hour. Covid keeps on giving. I rang them on Thursday for a rdv for his annual vaccs and the best they could do was Monday.

No choice now though, he is a PAD dog and everything is on their account there.

This is what I wrote on the PAD forum this morning, a translation from the French.

After a troubled night Jules is better this morning, calmer and very cuddlesome with me

He joined me on the bed, normally this is only when he detects a storm in the distance long before I hear it.

At 2am I woke up and to my horror I couldn’t find a pulse or evidence of breathing from him. I searched everywhere, nothing, so I clasped my hands over his muzzle and blew into his nose. He recommenced to breath. 3 more times this happened before we both fell asleep.

At the same time I had a swollen and painful throat but, with the heat from his body against my back this morning it is much better.

I think we both saved each other from possible grave results.

At the moment he is asleep on the settee next to me, and me, after 2 glasses of honey in hot water, I feel much better.

Nevertheless I will call the vet this morning to see if I can send the video for their opinion.


Oh dear, @David_Spardo this is worrying for you. I’m with @Mik_Bennett and @JaneJones on getting to the vet ASAP. Hopefully, nothing serious and that a little treatment will put right but you do know your dog and your instinct for his well being is important.

This may seem silly but how was Jules after losing Opie? Might it be delayed grief and loss?

I wish Jules better very soon!

I’ve just made an appointment with the vet for Syd later this morning. He’s not a very happy dog at the moment, drinking lots but not eating ( only our food) and has lost a fair bit of weight. I think its a combination of the heat and his age - just over 14 now. :cry::cry:

Dehydration? Or pointing at a longer term problem which has only just made itself apparent (perhaps precipitated, as you say, by the heat).

Oh no I hope you get a RDV asap and that whatever he has is something scary but benign and transient.

Annabel rang the vet after seeing the video and described it so they gave us a rdv for 2.15 this afternoon and I wll ask them to do the annuals booked for Monday while we are there. They were prepared to offer us this morning but I am tied to here until the post or carrier arrives with Fran’s important screens. Don’t want them going back to a depot somewhere.

Jules went outside to see Annabel off and then, after a little pacing settled down in his cage in the car. He loves that and I always open it as soon as I can each day.

Happily, nothing like the performance of yesterday evening and we can see and feel his normal breathing now. :smiley: