Surely not 1st April? We’re getting our vote back


Would have been helpful before fecking Brexit :hot_face:


yep… not much good now… :unamused:

Too damn right.
This was promised in the Tory Manifesto before Brexit. It just shows how afraid of our votes they were and BoJo be afraid, very afraid because I will never vote for your party again.

Unfortunately lots of numbnuts will…

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I think that the Blue wall that used to be Red is starting to crumble.
It actually isn’t BoJo’s fault that Covid has happened, but the mess that he has made over awarding contracts to his cronies and the abject failure of Test and Trace will add up to the distint feeling that the Midlands and the North have been left on their own yet again.

This bit was the saddest part of that whole post.


You cannot help but think that, having been denied a vote on Brexit, this is the consolation prize.

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I’ll believe it when I see it…!


Rather have my driving license exchanged



You didn’t even need to visit UK, Tory, Commonwealth citizens living in Gibraltar had the Ref vote. :frowning_face:

Wow I didn’t know that! I wouldnt’ have a vote anyway as even though I have a Pommy passport I’ve only ever lived there a couple of times for around 6 months so doubt I would have been on any electoral roll etc.

Good morning. I have applied for us and it is done and dusted. Welsh bureaucracy versus french.

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Wouldn’t we all. I’m debating registering us in Germany, at my mums, just to get our licences swapped and cancelling the day they come through.

Does that mean it is necessary, and available now, to re-register to vote?

And what do you do, apply to the previous town hall perhaps?

I will do it in an instant if that is the case.

In the days when I could vote here it was equally simple. Showed my passport at Mairie, signed the list and a voting card duly arrived.

If you have been here under 15 years you can register as an overseas voter at your last constituency. I think Gudrun only arrived last year. Normally a very straightforward online process. We have voted like that up to now, usually by proxy as postal votes so slow, but are reaching the time limit…

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I’ll apply if and when the bill is passed and becomes law. Fortunately I can vote in France :grin:

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Show-off! :grin: :grin: :grin:

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I do find it odd that permanent residents don’t have the right to vote. Is it like that in other countries? I may be wrong but I think is Oz PRs can vote.

It was introduced by the Blair government. France has no such restriction and has an MP who represents overseas French people. The UK really, really sucks. No wonder they always bang on about the war - since 1945 the country has gone down hill until it is now well and truly buried in mire up to its neck along with the worst government in living history.