Survive France Secret Santa 2014

To SFN Members Old & New in 2014

The last couple of years has seen Survive France Secret Santa gifts flying all over the world from the USA to New Zealand, Dubai, the UK and France of course.

What is Secret Santa?

The basic concept of the Secret Santa game is simple. It is open to ALL SFN Members and you simply have to message me to say you wish to join in.

Once I have all the names (by the deadline of 30th Nov) I will then put all the names into a Christmas stocking and my lovely 3 girls will have the fun of doing the drawing of names. I will then message you to give you the name and address of your lucky recipient.

Remeber it's secret so you should not tell the recipient member who you have been tasked to gift.

When the Secret Santa wraps their gift, he/she just labels it with the recipients name but doesn't indicate whom the present is from. (Remember, most of the fun is in the secrecy.)

Sounds fun - so how do I join in?

Please send me a friend request to confirm you wish to join in the fun and then once I've accepted your friend request please message me your name and address. It's important you message me after I've accepted your friend request otherwise when I accept I will lose your details (lesson learnt from previous years)

Gifts should be a maximum value of 7.50 euro and don't forget you will have to pay the postage so best to aim for something fairly lightweight as your gift could be going to any member anywhere in the world.

I will need all the names by 30th November and I will do the draw on 1st December and message you on that day with your recipients details. Please ensure you post your gifts by 13th December for Europe, those SFN members in more far away places from France I'm afraid your gift may not arrive but Christmas but be assured it should arrive even if not until April...(oops).

Don't forget its SECRET SANTA so don't reveal who you have been given as your recipient...

Have Fun!

Suz x

Thanks Secret Santa! You'll be pleased to know your present arrived safely on the other side of the world. I just got back from a summer holiday and there it was! Thank you very much. I hope you all had an enjoyable festive season. After a miserable spring and early summer here (in New Zealand)- weather-wise - it's now just glorious. Wonderful!

Thank you, Secret Santa, our mantel-piece glows beautifully! Wishing everyone a wonderful 2015 and a big thank you to Suzanne and her elves! xxx

Happy to see that the present I sent out arrived and hope that they liked it. I must have been on the naughty list and Santa passed me by. Maybe next year! :(

My present from my secret santa is a fun calendar of" le Chat", I love it, I am a cat lover. Merci Secret Santa . You chose very well.

Thankyou Secret Santa, may not be a mustang but it will do nicely. All the best for the New Year. And a big hug for Suz and her daughters for organising it all.

We have also received our secret santa. It's been wrapped up with thought and care - and we have NO IDEA what it is! We're waiting until tomorrow - thank you! It's such a nice, cheerful, connecting idea. I'm in every year. :0)

Thank you Secret Santa, today Amazon delivery service brought your gift, it was wrapped up in lovely paper with a nice card. Thank you.

I hope the recipient of my gift has received my package, it left about 2 weeks ago.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas

Mine sent a week or so ago and my present arrived so big thank you who ever you were x have a great Christmas. Hugs and kisses to Suzanne for organising no mean task at such a busy time. To you all have a great Christmas I hope Santa delivers what you are hoping for. Stay safe and warm xxx

Hi, I've received my secret santa present, but I'm being a good girl and not opening it till Christmas! Merci Santa x

I posted my Christmas package to my special person on Thursday December 11, I hope it has arrived in good shape.

I have a Secret Santa package waiting to be opened & I know from whom it is so I can send a thank you message, v good. I hope mine has arrived, it was posted on Tuesday.

At the post office tomorrow I will try "Secret Santa" and see what he says! :-)

How do you avoid that?!

Thanks (not so) secret Santa!! (The name of the consignee was on the label! :-) ) I look forward to opening it!!

Thanks Secret Santa. With all my very best wishes for a great festive season and a happy and peaceful new year, you couldn’t have got the present more spot on…err not that I’ve opened it yet of course. Honest.

OK Thats it Folks...the Secret Santa names have been pulled out of the stocking and you all now know who you have to surprise. I have one person for whom I am missing their address, you have a couple of messages from me in your SFN inbox - please check and send me your address so I can pass it onto your secret santa.

Hope everything goes smoothly!

Last couple of days to join up to SFN Secret Santa 2014...add me as a friend and send me a message if you want to join in. Monday 1st Dec I will reveal to those involved who they are to send this gift to.

Over 20 SFN Secret Santas on the list so far - if you'd like to take part just send me a friend request.

Hi, if you've said you would like to join in on secret santa below on this thread but haven't private messaged me your address yet please do. If you would like to join in but haven't yet then please do send me a friend request and I will accept it so you can send me your address then I can add you to Santas list x