Sweet potatoes

Do you bake, boil or steam them before mashing them?


Yes, of course, what I did before but didn’t mash them, but isn’t it necessary to peel them to mash them and, as I understand it much of the goodness is in the skin so would not want to do that. I don’t peel anything except oranges.

Never had to do that with butternut soup. Ours always end up really thick on it’s own. We usually grow our own, but the canicule last year stunted them. Hope this year is better :crossed_fingers: We halve them and roast them in the oven with a little oil whilst the bread is baking. Butternut soup is lovely with finely grated root ginger, but be careful how much you add. Just a hint is lovely.


Mine too. I tend to add water to soup after blending, with stick blender, to get the required consistency.

Blending with a thicker consistency also reduces the amount on my shirt :wink:


[You could also consider this for thickening. Saves time, just spoon in as you wiz to the required thickness, Do not forget the Creme Normand. Keep it simple.

Maggi Mousline Puree - French Instant Mashed Potato Mix …

I just use this stuff or Tapioca Starch.

Ingredients on the back 100% potato, no additives?

I freeze any excess home-mashed potatoes… in portions/blobs… which can then be added to soups to thicken/flavour… or whatever…


I don’t often mash potatatoes but when I do it is skins and all, lovely. I did use packet mash a few times, it was good but not as good as the real thing I thought. But this thread has reminded me of the value of it.

We always have a couple of packs of it in store - lately, my partner is run off his feet with looking after me as well as doing everything else so, in extremis, we have some of that! It’s fine if you add enough butter, in my view :smiley:

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Just had a look, it is Auchan’s own and there is one sachet left. :smiley:
I commiserate with him by the way, know the feeling, just finished, almost, clearing up after Gill, but looking on the bright side Christelle will be here at 2 and will no doubt tell me how to wash a very fluffy warm dressing gown. :roll_eyes:

Just as an aside, mash potato causes a big spike in blood sugar compared to other ways of preparing potato. Useful info for diabetics and a recent discovery.

any info or ideas as to why that should be… ???

Hi Stella, I think its in this episode.

Your digestive system loves starches, like potatoes, because it can convert them very quickly into blood sugar for instant energy. Too much blood sugar makes me sleepy while insulin gets to work to bring blood sugar back to a normal level.

My home-mashed potatoes thankfully offer no problems whatsoever… hurrah.

Without a continuous glucose monitor I doubt you would know, thats how they found out. Not a problem if you are not diabetic.


Yes, 100% potato starch.

I was tested when my daughter was about 5. Although I’m not diabetic, the Doc “put her in charge” and she still checks that I’m eating a good, balanced diet… :rofl:
So far, so good… :+1:

I have to eat regularly, as my natural sugar level is low… but that’s me… so no trying to slim/miss meals… it’s verboten.

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