Sweet potatoes

Ahhhhh… and sadly it all goes rather well with cheese. Or cheesy baked garlic baguette slices…or cheese scones


delicious soup with veg stock, a potato, an onion fresh orange juice and ground coriander…dead easy

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You can cheat and chuck in a Lidl orange lemon turmeric ginger shot :slightly_smiling_face: very handy, fresh, no additives.


Carrot and swede puree with a little butter, salt and pepper, delicious.
All cooked in the microwave.

I have put cheese strips on top of the veg in olive oil in a pan to cook, very nice, sadly I once did the same on the veg in the steamer. The cheese went through the holes into the water. :astonished: :roll_eyes:

next visit - that’s a really cool idea!

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Just had my sweet potatoes for lunch, boiled and mashed with lots of butter, garlic, black pepper and a pinch of salt - lovely, jubbly. Equally nice if mashed with ordinary spuds too if you run short! My daughter in Texas has them for thanksgiving and they are cinammon sprinkled as is their custom but eats them ordinary plain otherwise, too much cinammon over there for her tastes.


When making your mash do you use a “moulin a légumes” or a “presse de pomme de terre”?

Potato masher I got from Ikea. Can’t be ar*éd with the cleaning of those mouli things to be honest.

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Useful for many veg/fruit… not just potatoes…

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This was frustrating (and long)!
No mention of mash potatoes.
What they did say was that they found tenfold variables between individuals (how did they measure that?), so basically everybody reacts differently.
Also no mention of complex carbohydrates.
If fibre restricts the glucose high, how about the fibre in bread and pasta made from 100% wholemeal flour and whole rice? That’s got plenty of fibre.
I eat a huge bowl of porridge made with rolled whole oats, nuts and raisins and a banana cooked with water with sugar-free soya milk poured over it most mornings, and have no high, no lack of energy, a good mood and no desire to eat anything for 4 or 5 hours.

Just imagine how much longer it would have been if they had included all the things you mentioned :blush:
Blood sugar was via continous glucose monitor
Sorry if that wasnt the right video, my mistake, as I watch the series its tricky to remember which one.

I can never find those shots in my local Lidl :frowning:

Try this one

Watch out for Dr Berg, he gets a lot of things wrong,

Some of his earlier videos but seems to be correcting / updating them. Maybe still getting some things wrong but he and others I watched inspired me.

Hopefully the others inspire you more, he gets stuff wrong all the time.
His own wife has very high ApoB. BUT he hasnt understood it yet.

Berg is a high level scientologist who has disconnected from his own son Ian having seemingly driven the poor boy (early 20s but still) to the brink of suicide between him, his wife Karen who seems as bad, the allegedly incredibly shady dealings going on in his business that Ian worked in for some years, and the fact that they (his parents) effectively forced Ian to go on staff at a scientology org and live an absolutely miserable life.

Of course we only have Ian’s word for it but they seem like absolutely despicable people. He was helped by The Aftermath Foundation, a charity that helps people escaping scientology get back on their feet as he was basically thrown out of his entire life and left with nothing all while his parents give tens of millions of dollars to a cult. Ian seems to be a good guy and is getting his life back together with much intensive therapy, and is perhaps assisting various authorities looking into the “Dr” Berg scam (I put Dr in quotes as he’s a chiropractor not a Dr, and according to Ian purely keeps his chiropractic registration active for so he can fool schmucks into thinking he’s a medical doctor, not a charlatan who sells vastly overpriced supplements with absolutely no knowledge or expertise). He’s also been sued for forcing scientology on his employees and firing those who don’t wish to partake.

Berg may be correct on the odd thing, but for me the ‘broken clock is right twice a day’ thing comes into play, he’s really not someone in my opinion worth listening to or supporting in any way, his business is selling crappy pills at an extraordinary markup on his website and making money from social media as an ‘influencer’ so every watch of a video, every click of an article, is supporting his scummy behaviour.

Sorry for the rant. :see_no_evil:



The apple and ginger shots are in the chiller cabinet after the bakery and the orange turmeric ginger ones are only sporadically available and for some reason in my local Lidl they put them with the butter so it took ages to track them down.

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Thanks Vero, I accidentally spotted them yesterday,in the chiller, ginger and mango :drooling_face: