Sworn translators no longer needed?

There is a proposal to make many official documents, like birth and marriage certificates etc , issued by EU countries, acceptable throughout the union without translation. Has this idea made any progress towards being adopted?

Second question: if Gaelic is recognised as Ireland’s official language will English be accepted as a European language after Brexit?

Let’s hope that Scotland gets its independence, and then joins the EU…

That is up for a debate as its no longer part of the eu in a years time. no one knows is the the answer. Just to point out that while its in effect in france already some folks are still being asked for translations, by some departments

People will continue to need translations until such a time as everyone is able to communicate effectively in at least two languages.

Whether they need court-certified interpreters or translators is another question entirely.

Being court-certified is unfortunately no guarantee of proficiency in either the foreign or (surprisingly) their native language, judging by some I have come across.


Vero the new legislation says we as people no longer have to have documents translated and the offices are to accept them in our language polish, english, german etc.

So for us as individuals we will no longer need sworn translators

They may not be a legal requirement, but that doesn’t alter the fact that there has to be some sort of translation or an interpreter to hand if people can’t communicate or understand the documents.


Is anyone able to post a link to an up-to-date document about this ???

as the link was dated 2015…

Many thanks folks. :relaxed:

stella there is not one. I had a link but cannot find it was june 2016 when it was made law and every where has 2 years to roll it out.

There are links on some of my older posts too.

only have the french version, http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-16-2092_fr.htm

This could well be something that has a moveable deadline.

Only last year a notaire said that certain documents were acceptable in English… but that one particular document must be translated into French (by the translator Agreee etc).

Her explanation to me was…
OK, I might just be able to the gist of it… but it is an important document and its meaning/understanding must leave no possibility of error, in case at some time in the future, the whole proceedings (of which this document was part)… was challenged in Court.

Seemed sensible.


as far as the a law stands its down to them to translate everything now if they want it.

france has already implemented the system. ive never actually used any translated documents not even to get married.

Harry… you have been very fortunate …

I have been involved in 5 weddings and 3 funerals for Brits, in the last four years…(we could almost make a film :grin: ) and we have had to have the docs translated for each Mairie… except at my local Mairie, where the Secretary could read English a little… enough to understand what I was pointing out to her… :heart_eyes:

Once we get like-for-like documentation, it will be much more straight forward.

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:white_check_mark:Thanks Harry for posting that up to date link… I had Googled all over trying to find it and it’s even better that it’s in French because it’s with the authorities here that we have to deal. Bad news for les traducteurs assermentés!

If you want the English version as well just click on the EN at the top of the page. Other languages are avaliable.

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I suspect there will still be a place for those translators…certainly for a while… if the teething problems of ANTS are anything to go by…

I don’t think they will throw the baby out with the bathwater… until they are convinced the new system is working properly… and that could take some time… :relaxed:

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yes but they are predicting allot of revenue loss for translators.

But I did try it Harry! Why else would I have posted what I posted?

My screenshot!

I’m fairly sure that’s English.

Please look at my previous post. The link from the French version works for me, it will work for other people. Please don’t be so negative about my posts!

Err… You posted a screen shot of the French version, it shows the whole range of language choices, they work. I do not understand the point of your posts.