Tall Skirting board supplier

I will shortly need to install quite a lot skirting board (plinthe) in our old house having insulated most of the walls. For scale and to be correct for the age it would need to be quite tall, perhaps 200mm and decorative. So far I can only find short plain stuff at the Brico. I will need approx 150-200m (haven’t measured yet!).

I could make some if I buy a router table etc which may make sense but ideally I would like buy some.

Does anyone know of a supplier of something suitable? We are in the Gironde but I think it’s is likely that this will be ordered online.

Perhaps something like this;

Ask a menuisier ébéniste who will make them for you. Or at least get a quote.

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Thanks @vero perfect

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We ordered our tall mdf skirting from a Uk supplier via ebay. As it was painted anyway - no need to buy oak - the only wood our local menusier works with…

Was this recently?

Last year. I can dig out the suppliers details if you want them.

Sorry mate, last week I pulled out over 70mts of chestnut skirting of 290mm high. It had a couple or three more curves than that in your pic. All but the bottom 25mm was good…but covered in lead paint. It’s since fuelled the wood burner. It is being replaced with 210mm oak. Leroy sell one in oak but unfortunately it is only 120mm high. https://www.leroymerlin.fr/produits/menuiserie/moulure-plinthe-et-finition/plinthe-bois-plinthe-mdf-plinthe-pvc/plinthe-parquet-stratifie-sol-pvc/plinthe-chene-petits-noeuds-mouluree-15-x-120-mm-l-2-m-68175884.html?src=clk .

You’ve been burning lead paint?

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There are a zillion suppliers in the UK if you search “period skirting board”

Similarly Googling “plinthe victorienne” or “Plinthe moulurée” fetches up quite a few suppliers in France.

S’ok if you don’t inhale (or so Mr Clinton says).


Yes please



Thomas Watson
Unit 2a, 95 Westburn Drive,
Glasgow, South Lanarkshire, G72 7NA
United Kingdom

we have purchased from him several times.
he makes skirting to order if you cannot find what you require on his ebay site.
contact him…
last time we bought nearly 50 meters, paid 370Euro incl. shipping & import charges


Just a tiny question here, why buy a load of stuff in the UK to do up a house in France, rather than contributing to the local economy? I mean obviously if you don’t mind being thought of the way we think about Dutch people, go ahead.


I do hope to find it locally.

Sometimes stuff is not available locally, or is twice the price.

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Hmmm. Just what I thought. Sounds pretty dangerous to me, and the yellow lead paints can cause contact dermatitis from the hexavalent chromium as well as lead poisoning. Inhalation of vapour is the quickest way to be poisoned by lead, plus it will settle on vegetation which may be eaten.

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of course, that is true about a wide variety of products… not just skirting board … and that is one of the gripes of the farmers :wink:

I know an ébéniste in Angoulême who is 1m98…

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That’s why you can always spot an english renovation!

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