Tax Declaration 2020 Paper and Online - INFO

Just come off the phone with the Tax Office

Box 8TK does not exist on 2042K:
At the bottom of page 2 onthe 2042K form you are completing… there is a box for more information… marked “information”. Pension figure from 2047K should be put there, referencing that it comes from “2047K” .

Bank Accounts held outside of France:
These must be declared every year, regardless of no-change from last year… (drat)
Paper Declarants can write their full bank information on blank sheet of paper and send in with Declaration Forms…
Bank Name; Sort-code; bank Address; Name(s) of account holder (s); account number; type of account (cheque or savings)
Online it is form 3916

Selling second home in UK… for French residents during last year:
Over 30 years… nothing to declare for CGT…BUT… where is the money now? (ie investments, bank, etc…)
Be sure to inform Tax Office of Bank A’cs etc etc… interest received… etc.

Everyone: 2OP
Last year caused such a furor that the computer will automatically ask you if you want to take advantage of 20P… if it feels you warrant it…

For Paper Declarants with any sort of investment income etc… 20P is a decision they make for themselves… NOT ticking the box means any such income will be charged at flat high-rate… so watch out.

The Tax lady assured me that it is not only foreigners who have problems/difficulties with Declarations on line. Being handy with Facebook etc does not necessarily mean one is OK with the Tax Online system. Paper is still OK for those who need it.

best of luck…

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this thread answers your question… 2047K to 2042K

We have small house in the uk rented out. The forms seem to have changed from last year and is now 2044? They are asking for pages & pages of info re the house whereas before it was one page with the income declared. Help!

Did you see the advice help posted in another thread about where to put things?

Many thanks Graham, battle re-commences tomorrow!