Tax Declaration 2022 for Worldwide Income 2021

I’ll adjust the two docs to the France cycle i.e. tax return for Jan - March and P60 for April - December. I didn’t fancy doing the UK 2021-22 tax return on the 6th April!

There might be an element to adjust between the P60 this year and the 21-22 tax return when it’s done, but I’ll cross that bridge if at all whenever…

Of course if any flaws detected in my reasoning please shout everyone thanks! - forewarned is forearmed etc

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that’s seen as quite acceptable to the Fisc. Just chopping and changing to suit personal circumstances might cause an issue with them.

Also for the UK rental income I’m minded to use the UK tax return figures, so the rental loss for this year will mean no declaration in France for this year and the profit on the 21-22 tax return I’ll declare next year on the France return for year 2022 and each following year going forward. It will save the faff of partitioning - and there is no P60 for rental income. I’m sure I saw something either on this site or somewhere else which indicated the French tax authorities were happy with this approach?

Still not sure though yet on the position of deducting UK tax from rental income - seen some guidance not to deduct it, and I think some other guidance to deduct foreign tax from all foreign income to be declared.

I think I posted that a few times last year and this with the caveat that, once you set a precedent, you should keep to it. I think the original reference to this came from Isabelle Want (BH Assurances).

I apologise to all of you in advance, but, as I thought that if I ignored the tax return it would go away, I haven’t read all of this thread. :cry:

So my main question may have been answered but it is this. In previous years as I worked through the online declaration, there came a point with a blank panel inviting any explanations of things not apparently covered. So where is it this year, no sign anywhere?

Just over a week or so ago I buckled down with the back of an envelope and listed all my income, Fran’s income and then added up all the transfers I made from UK to France during the year. By dividing the euros by the pounds I came up with a precise exchange rate (I know some people decry this method but it has been accepted by the Impots for at least the last 7 years without question) and arrived at 3 totals in Euros to declare.

Confirmed the, (unchanged) 2 bank accounts and signed the declaration. All well and good, but nowhere to fill in the bit I wanted to. Our UK bank is Yorkshire Bank and over the last year or so it has been gradually morphing itself into Virgin Money, and, horror of horrors it started to pay (miniscule) interest on the current account. No idea where to put this €14 so I was intending to describe it in the missing panel. So where is it, where do I declare it, or is it too small to worry about?

Another thing, I was advised last year that I should put Fran’s local government pension in a different box, and did so. This year when I did that it led me down another path altogether so I went back and changed it to the way I did it before. Made no difference before the change, nor after, so hoping for the same this year. BTW all these amounts are small enough never to have attracted tax, and the prediction this year is for the same.

It’s there… see page 47 of my guide

the place to put this is shown in the tax help form pdf lined to in the Tax help 2022 topic.
This shows that interest on savings goes in 2TR on for 2042 section 2-230 (the same place where any premium bond earning are placed).

The guide and “tax help forms” also explain where to place Local Government Service pensions… 1BL (declarant #2) & 8TK

I hope that clears it up for you.

Thank you Graham, I’ll go back and look again at the interest declaration, must have missed that.
Perhaps I should save my brain and send the 13 quid or so back to Virgin instead. :rofl:

As for Fran’s local government pension, I did precisely that last year and again this time, but this time was re-directed elswhere and got lost so went back to correct and lump it in with both her pensions. So instead of 1BL and 1BM (plus 8TK), both are now back in 1BM. As it is to our disadvantage, if anything, but not any saving on zero tax, I am inclined to leave it where it is.

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I know what you mean about that, I found exactly the same this year. It was as a consequence of combining various elements of the online forms this year wot dun it :roll_eyes:
I redid the graphics in the guide this year and the narratives to note the changes.

Curious about this. Are you saying you got the French tax authorities to allow you the UK rate of tax deductions for pension contributions? (ie effectively - by allowing you to declare your net income after deductions that included deductions of pension contributions from taxable income, had been made?

That would be surprising as, although I haven’t looked at it closely, I thought the allowable % of income that can be put into a pension (assurance vie) taxfree in France is about 10%. Whereas in the UK it’s up to 100% with a ceiling of £40k p.a. (unless someone’s breached the MPAA which would make their UK ceiling only £4k)

I’m sure @larkswood12 will respond on this but do remember that this is concerned with frontallier work (a whole different ball game in its own right) and if the formula has been agreed with his tax office, it doesn’t necessarily follow that others will view it the same way.
I doubt it would be acceptable in circumstances other than frontallier…

Crikey O’Riley! Chapeau! Chacun à son goût. Whatever turns you on, man … :sunglasses:

I was actually kept awake and fretting at night over this. It’s my first time. Despite lashing out 15€ on the guide published by The Connexion, I was still completely clueless. I had no idea where and how to begin.

It was not till I downloaded @graham 's guide that it all became less than perfectly opaque.

Now I’m feeling smug because my form is in. That’s not to say it isn’t dog’s brekky and they send the heavies round.

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@graham can I just ask about the declaring bank accounts - Ive listed them on an A4 sheet but you say to join a RIB and a copy of your passport - what does join a RIB mean?

where is that reference in my guide? I don’t remember it…
I don’t remember ever providing a copy of passports to the Fisc, the Prefecture for the CdS-WA certainly, but not the Fisc for tax purposes.

A RIB is relevé d’identité bancaire you’ll usually find one in the back of your cheque book or you print it off if you have an app for your bank account (usually under documents). The reason for the RIB is where the Fisc pay money to your account direct or collect monies in advance (employees).
Attaching a RIB

Ok thank you I’ve found it now :slight_smile:

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and the passport reference?

Passport is OK - Ive got one!

I’m sure you have - but where did I say you needed to provide a copy as mentioned in your earlier post?

You should always be extremely careful about passing copies of your passport around… Identity theft an all that

The reference is on your French Tax Return Guide 2022 - last page.

So I don’t need to send in a copy of my passport?

I’ve just looked again…
nowhere on the last page (which is an appendix anyway) do I mention a passport…
which page number? (all the pages are numbered…)