Tax D'Habitation Due Date


I just Googled to see when the Tax D'Habitation is due and note that it was saying in a lot of places mid November 2014. I haven't even received it as yet. Last year it wasn't due until about mid December 2014. I have sent an e-mail of to tax department but in the meantime does anyone else know. We pay in one lump sum and don't have a TV so don't pay the TV license as we are only there a short period of time per year.



Marie-Claire, the increase was only in certain areas, mostly around big cities, in an effort to get them put on the rental market (in a lot of cases they were being offered on the AirBnB market, ie short stays on the black).

Thank You Marie-Claire

Yvonne, I don't know if you have received an answer yet, but you will be paying taxe fonciere and taxe d'habitation as an owner. I wouldn't think you are entitled to any kind of rebate as it is a holiday home and recently they decided to increase the tax on homes which were only used a few months a year….


Unless you are " exonéré " (over 60 with income below a certain level/ invalid etc.) the TH has to be paid in full each year.You can look at the site impot.gouv. fr and see when yours is due ( you need to look in your espace personnel) . Mine is due by Dec.15th (Gard) but I think in some departments it may be a few weeks earlier. I also pay for " ordures menagères" in full whether I am here on e month or twelve.

Hi Everyone thanks for your input.

John Dislins - we had not received the facture so had nothing to check the due date. The tax office were very good and have e-mailed it to me now and it is due on 15 December 2014 if paying on line. So all good.

To answer some of the other people's questions it is the person in the house on 1 January of each year. We do not rent the house out so we pay it. We are not residents in France so I don't think there is any exception and we are far from being over 60.

I did read somewhere on line that it depends on the Departments as to the due date so the November date might be for some other departments. Our house is in the Dordogne and is due 15 December if paid on line.

Thanks again everyone

Thank you John for the Link but to qualify for reduced tax do I need to be a resident in France as my house is only a holiday home?

Its below a certain income it is taken from your tax return

Susan and all who would like to know, here are the conditions to getting free or reduced tax d'habitation, click here

There are income limits too, Susan. This page gives all the detail (in fonctionnaire-speak) :;jsessionid=ZMHE3VUOBNJP1QFIEIQCFFA?espId=1&typePage=cpr02&docOid=documentstandard_3645

Regarding the over 60s not paying Taxe d'Habitation, does anyone know the rules for this as we are still paying and my husband is over 60?

If you own a property and it is habitable ie contains furniture & you use it even one day a year, you pay taxe d'habitation on it. The only time you won't is if you move house after January 1st - you'll pay the Taxe d'habitation on your old house for that year, & on your new house the year after. It doesn't matter if it is a holiday house etc etc you pay taxe d'habitation on it. There are exemptions eg students in university housing, people with various handicaps, people below a certain income, over a certain age etc.

Can you help me please I only use my house in France for the maximum of 6 weeks a year would I get any reduction on tax d'habittaion or any other tax that I pay. As I do not speak any French and cannot read any Bills I have from France I just pay them mainly to keep myself out of trouble.

We dont pay i'm old and poor

LOL Tim :)

Which is why the folks leaving a rented house in the village last year had the moving van out on New Year's eve :-D

Jo - in answer to your question: "it is my understanding that the Tax Habitation is due on the owner or tenant in residence as of January 1, of that tax year. Is this correct? My rental will begin in mid January so I was wo.."

...which I cannot actually now find in the discussion thread.... yes I checked this directly with the tax office last week and they said exactly that - you have to be in residence on 1st jan on the year you will pay.

Melissa, if you are registered online you will be able to find your bills. If the bill is for zero euros then it will tell you. One thing about the french 'system' over the past few years has been their desire for the general public to take the iniative so checking your own accounts etc is just what they are aiming for.

Question: it is my understanding that the Tax Habitation is due on the owner or tenant in residence as of January 1, of that tax year. Is this correct? My rental will begin in mid January so I was wondering about this.

Mine went out of the bank last week, around the 27th - had forgotten all about it so made me OD, grrr!