Tax Fonciere 2020

Hi, Does anyone know what date this month I should receive my tax fonciere demand by post? We bought our house last year and so the tax fonciere was included in the sales transactions, so this is my first year that I have to pay it.

I can’t go online yet as I don’t have the tax number.

Thank you

Are you sure les impôts have your French address and not your old UK one. It wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve heard of people’s taxe foncière and taxe d’habitation bills going to old UK addresses! Give your local Hôtel des Impôts a call or pop in and see them :wink:

We got ours this morning…

I got the notification for mine yesterday.

Mine came in today’s post. Just as I was getting concerned.

Got ours in Charente (16) a couple of weeks ago payable in the last week of October (paying in full on line).
Isn’t it the case that different Departments have individual time scales for sending out their TF bills?

Yes I think so - and also mine is mensualisée, which may make a difference to timing, perhaps.

Thanks to all. Someone suggested they come in alphabetical order. As we are near the bottom I will wait.

I could understand that if they were processed manually but since they will be produced by an anonymous computer somewhere, they would do it in one hit :thinking:
Besides, the register will be in an address format rather than the name of the person owning the property…
Your best bet @Georgie is to indicate your Department to see if anyone else there has received theirs.

I’ve opted for them to deduct mine monthly from my current A/C but I received a balancing statement in my Impots account last week so I guess it’s all been finalised, so you should have a bill.

I had to visit the local impôt office and request ours in our first year; I spoke with the official and gave them a cheque, this was 3 yrs ago exactly. Since then the Tax Foncière has turned up on time.

Not had mine yet either.

Our TF arrived about 8 days ago. has this about the other property tax. Is this right?

9.1. Taxe d’Habitation - French Residence Tax

9.1.1. Tax Liability

Since Jan 2018 this tax is being abolished for most households, on a phased basis, as we describe below.

Have you posted the correct link @captainendeavour?
But yes, AFAIK it is being phased out. We used to be exonerated due income levels but still got a zero bill. Now we don’t get any bill at all so can assume this has happened in Dept 16.

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Crikey! Wazzat?! Phew! Could have been something pink and slippery.

"The process started for around 80% of households in 2018 and is be undertaken on a phased basis over three years, with complete abolition for eligible households in 2020.

Indeed, President Macron has stated that he wants to abolish it for ‘everyone’ by 2023, but the plan for complete abolition has yet to be enacted in law, and the government have stated that second home owners will remain liable.

The first-year reduction of 30% occurred in 2018, to those with a maximum income threshold:"

Yes it is - we’ve paid reduced or no TdH for a couple of years now. Our rubbish which was included in that bill is now seperate.

Got mine today (first one since we moved here) and paid it by using the smart phone App, seemed to go through ok :woozy_face: Not sure about the Tax D’habitation in my Dept (82) some saying it’s being abolished but we shall see. Best wishes.

Taxe d’habitation is being phased out nationwide not by département :wink:

Taxe d’hab depends on income. Under 44100€ for a couple and you’ll be exempt.