Tax for buying a car

Hi, excuse me for not knowing the term, I have not bought a French car before, but the tax that you pay when you buy a car, the purchase tax? Is there a way of finding out how much it is in advance? Is there a clever web page or chart?

Not sure this is the tax you mean it’s for New cars and would be something you will be paying at some stage I reckon. If you buy New from a Garage/Dealer it can be all sorted … you can ask them before committing yourself…

and TVA (VAT in UK) is around 20% I think… and there are moves afoot to supress the TVA on electric cars… but that’s not in yet

(If you are talking about 2nd hand cars… that is another story)

Thanks. I wasn’t sure what was what, my friend told me there would be a tax to pay and I couldn’t find the info. I’m not buying new.

Aha… folk will step in @anon57427786

Ask the dealer how much you will need to pay for the CG. That plus the advertised price is what you will pay.
I’m looking at a recent devis for a new motorcycle. It starts with the list price, then the cost of the Carte Grise followed by extras and finally the trade in price is subtracted leaving me the price I would need to pay to drive it away.

Thanks, all useful info.

:slightly_smiling_face: we’re both on the same wavelength… :grin:

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A couple of years ago I went with my neighbour to look at a car she was interested in buying. As the negotiations developed she casually asked if the garage would pay for the CG. They did.

Yes, they will often throw in all sorts… to clinch a deal. :hugs:

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If you are buying secondhand from a garage they will still do the registration for you and know the CG cost.

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I think you can check the costs of the CG for yourself using this site…

Good to know. It is a bit daunting for me to venture into car buying in France, but I have my eye on a nice little car.

Perfect, that is what I was hoping for.

You can click on links within this page below… advice on buying second hand… and tells you what the Seller must do… scroll down until you get to the bit about “particulier” rather than professional

this is the general link…

Perfect, the cost would be 88. 76 for the little car.

Make sure you check on what the Seller must do for the Sale … and must provide to the Buyer…:slight_smile:

good luck

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Will do, thanks.

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With a new car there is the car price, the VAT, the environment tax (bonus) and the cost of the registration document.

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This is a document I wrote for a Facebook group which you might find useful -
Buying french cars in the UK can be especially hazardous as it may be that the seller has either registered the sale to a third party on ANTS or may not be the person on the carte grise. If you are not able to liase with the title holder directly then if there is an anomily with the registration you will NOT be able to register or use the car - ever.

  1. Make SURE that you get the CARTE GRISE.
  2. The previous title holder (the name that is on the CG) should provide you with a code de cession. When this is done the seller registers the buyer’s details with ANTS & can then fill in a “cession” form online to print out (see 2). It is possible to register without but you will need to be able to contact the seller as you may need their personal details.
  3. You should both have a copy of a cession d’un vehicle form Cerfa 15776*01.
  4. You should be given a certificat de situation administrative. This is generated automatocally online by the seller, printed out & given to the buyer. It will (hopefully) confirm that there is no official reason why the vehicle cannot be re-registered.

Traders & garages have a variation of the above but should be able to provide paperwork showing a link - seller to garage, garage to another garage (perhaps) & garage to new owner.

With a private sale the person you are buying from must have the CG in their name. If not there is a good chance that ANTS will have the wrong buyer registered with them so when YOU go online & enter your details they will not match. Your application for a new CG will be refused.

The selling & buying process is covered in another file so make sure you read it & understand it. If you then have any questions, well, that is why you joined the forum so ask!

The above refers to standard purchases. Barn finds & inherited vehicles are slightly different.

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When you say that traders and garages have a variation of the above are you talking about U.K. traders/garages?