Tax forms in English

Do any members know / have a site that shows the French income tax form translated into English with explanations please…

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Never seen the Personal Tax Declaration in English… but the local Tax Office does hold special sessions, when you can talk through your Declaration with someone who speaks English.

Would this be of any interest to you ??

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Have this year’s tax forms have even been issued in French yet? Hard to translate them before they come out I would have thought…

I would have thought annual tax returns would take the same format every year. Are you saying they change the form every year ?

Hi Stella,
Yes that would be a great help

Yes the tax forms are individual to each year. The general format and layout tends to be the same and there aren’t usually a lot of changes but they’re never identical and you do have to be alert to the changes that there are. Particularly in the last few years, certain changes seem to have been made to make the forms better adapted to digitisation (is that the right word? “Dématérialisation” is what I mean). Personally I would be cautious about relying on the notes from a previous year.

Thanks Anne…
As you can guess I have not yet completed a french tax return but having left UKi n July I have to find out what will be required…

I found the experience very straightforward. When there was something that I wasn’t 100% sure about I went to the English language tax clinic they hold every year at my local tax office. They just confirmed what I had already done.

Absolutely agree with other posters, you don’t need to struggle through it on your own, the staff at the tax office are excellent. Where I live they don’t have anything specially arranged for English speakers, I don’t think there’s enough of us to make it worth while, but I’m sure they do have advisors who speak English. At that time of the year loads of French people also go along with queries or to have their forms checked before submitting them, it gets very busy. At peak times there are 4 or 5 advisors seeing people, you take a number and sit down and wait your turn and it’s all very convivial. I quite miss that, now that declaring online has become so easy, I used to meet some interesting people in the tax office :slight_smile:

Try to use the online system - it’s really straightforward and only presents you (after selection) with the sections you need to complete. You can always Google translate any bits you’re struggling with.

At the moment I don’t think you can declare on line the very first time can you? You need to do the first one on paper, then after that they set up your online records and prepopulate your online forms using that information. But until you’ve submitted the first one you don’t exist online, unless that’s going to change this year.

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Woops - that’s absolutely right Anna - I didn’t realise it was a first declaration.

Appreciate the response folks, few things to sort with HMRC but then I’ll
take a trip to the local tax offices as suggested…


To make you smile in your ordeal I would say that we, French, don’t understand what’s written on these documents either :confounded:


I do video walk-throughs of various online procedure on my French Admin Solutions blog and would consider doing this for completing a basic income tax declaration if there was enough demand.
That said, as posted above, there would be little point (or at least it could not be considered 100% accurate) until this years forms are issued sometime in April.

I I would ve interested in tgat olesse

I would be interested in that

Hi Carol,

Thanks for your response.
Can you place your vote via this link please, as I need to know how many people are interested:

Thank you!

The Connexion Newspaper, a publication in English, for expats, publishes an annual guide, in English. It costs around 10 euros , and is well worth the price. I get it every year, just to be sure that I fill my forms in correctly.

Hello Jo-Ann, I maybe late in responding but if the video is available then l would like to link with it. Received our first set of blue and pink forms and I’m a bit lost as to what goes where. I declare to the hmrc rental income. Thankyou, Caz