Tax notice

I completed my tax return on line and have still not received my tax notice for 2022. Is anyone else in this position?

Yes. Sometimes doesn’t arrive until October. Money if due will still be taken on 27 September tho’!!

Best put some money in the account then.

Just wondering… have you checked in your personal space on the impots gouv fr site…

Many people have yet to receive their Avis, me included. I do know someone who contacted the Impot’s about this and was told it should be available at the beginning of October. Maybe the property ownership declaration chaos has caused the delay.


Yes, but it’s not there. I have sent a message to impôt.

Haven’t received ours in 56. Not on our personal space either so I too have sent them a message.

At least I’m not alone in this, I was beginning to think my return was being scrutinised.

You are not alone. I think Tim is probably right and they are completely occupied with the biens immobilier declaration. I’m just going to wait as mistakes can easily be rectified, and don’t want to divert staff time to answering messages.

On a similar theme, Taxe foncière bills go out today, Wednesday 30 August for those who are not ‘mensualisé’ (monthly payments on account) and 22 September for those who are mensualisé. Average increases of 7 % anticipated, bar those in large cities (59% for Paris!)

Ours as gone up by approximately 29% in 71.

Here in 86 the 2023 Taxe Fonciere is just under 10% higher than 2022.

@_Brian did you already receive your tax fonciere bill, as I just looked online and I couldn’t see this year’s bill yet?

We have our first tax fonciere bill in our personal space. No idea how it wou compare to previous costs.

@letsmile - I haven’t received the bill yet but I can see the total due on my impots page.

Thanks @_Brian maybe I’m not looking in the right place. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong area, but would you mind saying where you found it on the site? Thanks

Ok think I just found it in the prelevement area👍

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Increased just over 10% in 34

Ever since I purchased the house I’ve always paid the bill when it lands on the desk, but finally got around to setting up the prelevement. If my understanding is correct, the tax office take a monthly payment for ten months, starting next Jan for the tax fonciere that’s just landed.

Should say at bottom of bill

I still couldn’t actually see a bill, but the value came up when I hit the prelevement button :thinking: