Tax notice

@Stella. What happens if you dont have a personal space on the impot site? We’ve only been here a few weeks and do not have this yet. Presume it will come by post?

Yep… it will come by post… have no fear, it will land on the mat eventually…
Is this a new property or were they sending bills to UK/wherever before… ?

There’s nothing in my personal space… and nothing in my letter box… no point in fretting… :wink: :wink:

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Ah yes I was sure it would arrive. They will always find you! We moved back here so it was not a second property to us before we bought it

I do know of 2 new residents (2021 and 2022) who fretted about the lack of document… 'cos it didn’t arrive until after Christmas… but these were extreme cases… it usually comes well before that… :wink:

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Death and taxes and all that…………it’ll arrive :grin:

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Didn’t you post to say you had an old fiscal number? Might work to open up a space?

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Well remembered. I hadn’t!! And yes i do. Will give it a try. Thanks

Aha… just taken a last look at mon espace… and the Taxes Foncières document is now there…

and there’s not much change… it’s gone down because the Dustbin bill is no longer taken at this point. If I add the bill for SMD3 it’s about the same in total as last year… phew.

Just found ours on the impots site - a 7.2% increase on last year (That’s including the SMD3 charge). :grinning:

Ours has gone up 7%.

and, of course… if I “add the SMD3 bill” and it looks similar to last year… it’s obviously gone up… 'cos I’ve already paid SMD3 for their rotten system… aaaargh. :roll_eyes:

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Tried it but doesn’t work. Probably need to do a reactivation of the tax code first. Anyway, thank you but reckon it will drop in the post soon anyway. As we all know, they will find you :laughing:

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Our appeared online today. 6.7% so heaving a sigh of relief!

Has anyone had one of the mega-increases that the press are talking about?

Ours was up 20%, Saone-et-loire.

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I’ve received my Tax Foncière demand. In previous years, I have always paid up in full on receipt. However, I have now signed up for monthly prélévements.

Do I have to pay my Taxes Foncière for 2023 in full before 16 October 2023 as in previous years, or will this now be collected on a monthly basis starting January 2024? I was reading the advice on the site concerning this and inadvertently clicked ‘next’ before I’d finished reading :dizzy_face:

I think you needed to adhere before “30th June” for this Foncières bill you’ve just received… (so this bill will need to be paid in full as per…)
but someone with more savvy than I will doubtless chime in… :wink:

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Thanks Stella,

But reading the government site to which you linked, I find this:

“Vous payez votre impôt en dix prélèvements mensuels, de janvier à octobre. Chaque prélèvement correspond au dixième de l’impôt dû l’année précédente.”

suggesting that the money collected each month goes to pay the previous year’s bill.

Edited to add:
On more careful reading, it says that the amount deducted from Jan-Oct will be ⅒ of the previous year’s bill, not explicitly that it will be used to pay the previous year’s bill. To me as a native English speaker who is far from fluent in French the wording seems capable of more than one interpretation. I’m sure the meaning is crystal clear to those with a better understanding…

When I looked yesterday, and registered for prelevement, I seem to remember it presented me with a table showing my current bill divided by 10, with payments starting in Jan 2024. So my understanding is you sign up now to the current bill over 10 months starting jan.

That was precisely my interpretation, @letsmile , but I’m now doubting myself!

I’ve read and re-read… and it is a bit confusing… :roll_eyes:

however, I seem to recall that when I took a friend in to pay (in the days when one could) and we asked about her signing-up for monthly payments, the lady said it would be for the next bill…

let’s hope I’m remembering wrongly… as I’d quite like to get onto the monthly payments …

On the notice which came with the TFoncières 2022… it says… you can sign up for monthly payments 2023… which means not the current year…