Tax notice

It makes sense - we have only just got our tax bill for 2023 so we’re paying in arrears already.

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My reading of the linked text is that Brian has to pay his current 2023 year tax in a one off payment, as he’s ‘too late’ to register for monthly payments in 2023, but that he can pay his 2024 bill in monthly instalments from January. I agree the issue is not particularly clear cut from the text.

Be thankful you are not a holiday home owner in France about to get hit with a possible increase of anything upto 60% depending on area and council.

@_Brian … can you go back into your Espace and check out how you’ve got things set-up???

I think you might have been voted-in as our “trial-run”… and some of us might well follow your lead, if it means we can pay bit-by-bit of today’s Bill starting next January… :wink:

That’s certainly my preferred outcome - a one-year TF cash flow boost. I’ll persevere and report back!

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I signed up for prélévements starting January 24.

I then logged out of my account and cleared my browser cookies.

I switched to a different PC, having cleared the cookies on the browser. I logged into the Impots site. The payments page said that I owed 405€ (the amount of the TF bill I have just received) and I had until 16 October 2023 to pay it.

The odd thing is that I can’t find any reference to having set up the prélévements. I’m still confused of Adriers…

Are we talking income tax (taxe sur revenue ie impôts) or property tax, ie taxe foncière?

Our avis d’ impôts hasn’t arrived yet but when it does if less than €300 they will take from our account in September otherwise divided into 4 payment -sep, oct, nov and dec. For next year you can determine how much prélèvement à la source suits you (like PAYE) via your espèce particulier.

For taxe foncière if you haven’t signed up to pre-payment but have agreed a prélèvement they will take the whole lot at end of October (or you send a cheque). You can sign up now for next year for pre-payment - 10 payments from Jan each approx a tenth of this years’ bill.

And for those of you who pay CFE too, that gets taken on xmas eve along with final income tax payment.

Being fed up about paying my income tax at the end of each year, I tried to set up monthly payments in about June of this year, only to be told that I could only set them up for next year (like your experience?), so I did.

However, like you, I have just logged on and can find no trace whatever of this arrangement when I look at my account. I’m really confused.

I think it would be good if there was a definitive answer on the tsx fonciere prelevement point, as I remember clearly seeing the 10 payments pop up based on this year’s bill value - maybe I’m mistaken and it is merely based on jane’s explanation.

Think @JaneJones you are right, sign up now and you start paying for next year’s bill. If the payments fall short of next year’s bill after the 10 payments, they collect more in Nov and Dec - drat :grin: but looking on the bright side, as we like to do, it means the last year of me paying two reasonably sized bills in one hit!

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Got home to an email this evening telling me that my tax fonciere bill was waiting. Presumably I get a separate tax d’hab bill.

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Yep… the various bills come rolling-in… at this time of year… :roll_eyes:

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My tax fonciere bill arrived this morning, gone up 7.1%.

When we moved earlier this year (march) the notaire explained how the TF works for the year you move house in (but I cant remember exactly what he said :roll_eyes:). I think we pay the TF bill for the old property and the selling notaire makes the adjustments, likewise the old owner pays the TF bill for our new property but we have already paid our share when we bought. If this isn’t right please can someone correct me.

That sounds like the normal arrangement to me but I think they do vary…

Looking at my TF bill, it’s up 6.7% on last year.

I sold last year in February but I had already paid for the oncoming year in the October before so the Notaire reimbursed me for two months. Imagine my horror when in October last year I received a bill four times the amount I usually pay for the old house. I then kept receiving threatening letters to pay it or else majorations and I kept ringing the impôts nearly evry day but they did not answer calls, just a message. Eventually got through to another branch who promised to sort it, nothing happened so finally this year around March or April I got the Impôts down here (1200kms from the old one) to sort it and they did within a couple of days and I ended up paying back the amount the Notaire had originally reimbursed me! However the cheque I sent got lost, so had to cancel that and send another (CA have never charged me for the cancellation so am keeping quiet there). So yes, whoever owns the house on the lst January before selling pays the TF that is due. The Notaire should sort this out with the new owners.

TdF will keep going up to make up for the tax take shortfall now that TdH has been ditched for most residents.

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And the decision making passed down to communes/com-coms, who now have few other ways of raising money.

I used to hate the yearly vote on raising/leaving or even lowering the local taxes when we had council meetings. No one could ever agree so it would get put to a paper vote. Glad I don’t have to do that any more.

I know what you mean, in the end we all agreed for no change

My notice arrived on Thursday.
Only the tax spéciales and the GEMAPI (whatever that is) have gone up slightly, percentage-wise, but the “Base” has gone up about 7%, resulting in a total increase of about 7%.
Does anyone understand what this “Base” represents? it can’t be the resale value, much too low, nor the estimated rent, too high for a month and much too low for a year.
Nice though that I can pay by prélèvement from a German bank account.