"Taxation, Without, Representation", Boston Tea Party!

So, we will have to live in France, as, British Citizens, with no say about our situation .
But pay Taxes in the UK, for things, I for one, don’t approve of.
I will not specify which here :wink:
I don’t object to the Tax I pay here in France, I have my C V, and the benifit of other facilities.
But paying Tax, but being denied a vote in the UK, where my future is being formulated, unwisely, (the pound going rapidly down the tube, for example) infuriates me. Please don’t say, but they are paying your pension.
No, I paid for my OAP, over a period of 50yrs, yes started work that long ago :slightly_smiling_face:
Shame we can’t have our own “Boston Tea Party” :rofl:

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They are having to pay extra for carrots because of the poor harvest due to the strange weather.
The problem is that I don’t give a hoot that they will find out that Brexit will make life more expensive for them, but, like you I worry about the exchange rate falling as the result of Brexit comes home to roost.

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I’m filling the cellar with long-life goodies… stocking up on woolly jumpers, socks etc… and planning to weather the storm… somehow… :wink:

As it ‘Surely Will’ Jane, I am so sad for the Country, I do still Love, 2%, the remainers could not be bothered, out was impossible. :confused:

You in the UK? didn’t realise, never mind, we will get together and send Red Cross Parcels Stella :heart:

Dafty… I’m talking about my much-reduced pension (if it still arrives here) :wink::joy::rofl:

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Unfortunately a weak pound will be vital for the UK to survive after Brexit and whichever government is in power will have the fiscal freedom to keep it down. What’s good for the country will not be good for those people who regularly need to convert pounds into other currencies.

Is that a reference to last week’s headlines?

I’m thinking about the exchange rate… is there something else I should be worrying about… :zipper_mouth_face:

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I was wondering about your pension comment.

Well, it leaves the UK and arrives here in euro form… and is going down and down at the moment…


Well, I was looking at our crops, we’ll have 9 butternuts for the winter, is it realy sustainable ?


That’s a thought Stella, will they still do the ‘pretty good rate’, and pay it (the paltry, but important amount) into a French account?

… if it still arrives here.

Please STOP… :laughing: my pension WILL arrive here… as per usual… it is only the amount that is in question… which is why I am stocking up with goodies… :grinning:

Neighbours are helping… yet another bag of pomme reinette on the garden wall… makes wonderful compôte for the freezer… :relaxed:

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Just send your bank details Stella, then, no more financial Probs, I will look after it all from Brazil :heart:

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Ah, I forgot, after the dry weather, we still got 2 golden delicious apples sticking to the tree ! A real success !!!

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Have you had that email, where the chap wants bank details and phone number, so that he can use you to help him get his millions… I got it for a second time last week… if I get it a third time, perhaps I might have a go… :thinking:

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I was surprised that you wrote that. I would guess that you have contingency plans in place to see you through the leaner times.

It’s obscene, as Brits, we have no say in any of this!

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