"Taxation, Without, Representation", Boston Tea Party!

I’ve always got a cunning plan … :wink:

Let’s hope there is a deal. Otherwise pensions may not be payable outside the UK. You may need a UK bank account.

This man seems to know all about it.

Might as well Stella, soon You’ll have nothing to lose, give it a go Girl :+1: :rofl:

A ‘Punning Clan’ :thinking:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

There are pensions and pensions. British insurance companies may not be able to operate within the EU but most of them will have got something into place by next Spring. Another hidden cost of Brexit, many specialist lawyers, accountants and the like have been fully occupied since the referendum providing a range of solutions to each and every possible outcome. The cost of all that work will be passed onto the consumer.

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That could well happen Mandy, luckily, I have.
But as it is, it’s good to 'ave me OAP paid to my French account, in euros, at a decent rate, but that arrangement could soon be down the tube, with a ‘reasonably’ strong pound :unamused:

This is to do with insurance companies no longer having passporting rights with the EU after Brexit. It nothing is agreed to allow the private pensions that those companies pay to be paid into EU banks some people will be inconvenienced. It will not affect OAPs, Government pensions or many other private pensions. The news item has been sensationalised and caused undue anxiety due to scaremongering.

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Our pear crop , Williams, is wonderful.
Second crop raspberries and cultivated blackberries as well.
The round courgettes are doing well.
We also have huge pumpkins and winter squash are doing well.
The hens have not liked the hot weather, we have new onex and old ones and have needed to buy extra.
They are just talking on the Today programme about tge hot weather on vegetable prices and pig fertility has been affected so bacon butties could cost more.


Sounds a wonderful harvest, Jane… do you make preserves or use the freezer?

Both. Also ice cream.
We had a raspberry charlotte yesterday which I made and froze for now the family is here.
The Bramley lost a branch as it was so loaded with fruit.
I will make a hot apple charlotte for them as well.

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Apparently there are millions of rats in France. So we can always eat rat. Nice dish rat au van……….

Let’s face it… we eat snails (well, I do)… so… as long as there is enough garlic and I don’t find myself chewing on whiskers… :thinking:


Rat recipe

From Bordeaux the recipe “a la Bordelaise” would descend.
Barrel makers or coopers had in the cellars where they made their barrels quite a few rats. Above the fire that they built into the barrel to bend the staves were the thickest roasted. The coopers showered the rat first with finely chopped shallot. The sauce was also made ​​on the spot by continuing to simmer roasted rats cooked in red wine. This would be the origin of the "sauce Bordelaise ".

During the siege of Paris in the Franco - German war were rats eaten in the Hunger Winter of 1870, out of necessity.

Thirty thousand Prussian soldiers had surrounded the city since September 19. At the start the French caught fish in the Seine and there was hardly a lack of horse meat. But after 30 days of siege, the situation was serious. Bread was rationed, butter and eggs were untraceable, meat could only be dreamed of…
All horses and donkeys were eaten in the meantime. They began to look after dogs and cats. On November 7, the rats were first on the menu. They were sold at 60 cents, or 75 cents if cleaned and ready to cook. Experts claimed that the taste is situated between pig and partridge.
Fine recipes were published in magazines: rat stew, rat salad, rat cake and so on. The Parisians were reassured by the government: rat is healthy. And the good news: there are still 25 million units in the city stock. The recipe for "rat à la Monsellet " is a famous dish…

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Ah David my favourite series of Blackadder. Although I do love series 3 with Prince George and series 2 with Queenie is brilliant. I think I just love Blackadder :heart_eyes:

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didn’t know snails had whiskers…not that I eat them anyway :))

Did you miss the Rat course ??

Nothing better than a good Rat Atouille :wink: