Taxe d'Habitation 2019

Where are the demands folks?

I was expecting something through the post by now - but nothing!! Nichts!!! Nyada!!!

Looks like we will have to send MIL to the local Impots office again…

Have you all had your tax demands this year yet?


I got an email to say that ours is now online.

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Graham you hold carl down and I will slap his wrists :wink:

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I got mine, by post, about a fortnight ago.

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I got an email saying I had a new message on Impots.gouv so I suppose it’s Tax d’hab. I pay mine monthly so I don’t really pay too much attention to correspondence.

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Eh??? Wot I do wrong this time???

Ah John - There is the rub… We dont (yet) have an account on Impots.gouv.
Tried to set one up last night but it really doesnt like the boxes filling in with anything related to the UK (phone numbers particularly).

Had to scan and send our Livret - lets hope they dont hang about setting us up with an account.

Money is burning a hole in my pocket ready to pay…

They’re pretty quick at the money gathering Carl so I’m sure they’ll be in touch. Mind you, I’ve found the Impots extraordinarily fair in any of my dealings with them. For example, I messed up and missed a January or February tax deadline a few years ago and got slapped with a 10% fine. I did a mea culpa and they told me to make a claim at the end of the year. I did and based on the fact that I’d never been late before they refunded the 10%. I don’t know what the chances of HMRC doing that are.

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I have had a fine refunded by HMRC, and they wrote off some de minimus tax one year too. I have always found them fine, but these days it’s nearly impossible to get through on the phone. And generally I find the clarity of the UK tax system is so much easier than the french approach.

They have also started doing webinars on specific topics that I think are great. They go through the forms and also have a question and answer session where you can get instant answers from a tax officer. And the recent innovation is a forum, here:

It’s brand new, so still lightly populated but I think will be useful in future.

So I have no complaints about HMRC at all. French local tax officers are great too, but the paperwork stinks!

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You can have the money taken automatically (direct debit) out of your bank account when the Bill becomes due for payment.

We have that arrangement and the full amount will be deducted from our Bank on 25th November.

Is this your first Tax d’Hab… I can’t remember when you bought your property… :thinking:

Hi Stella - This is our first.

We had enough trouble with the Fonciere - the paper bill did not actually have our French address (or UK for that matter) on it, so it was sat in our local Impots office going nowhere until MIL paid them a visit. Once we had that, we then had our fiscal number for that tax bill and we could sort things online.

I have a feeling that the same thing has happened with our Hab bill… Once we see sight of it, then we can set things up for the future.

Quite possible, Carl… as this is the first… it is quite likely to be either late arriving on your mat or sitting somewhere. A visit by MiL to the local offices will hopefully get things on the right path.

It’s probable that the address-error is on both Bills.

We have new arrivals in our Commune who are “panicking” and the Mairie has told them to stay calm. Our Secretaire is in contact with the local Tax Offices on their behalf and has been told that things will get sorted… :upside_down_face:

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That’s good to know Jane.

To my shame [and because my end-of-UK-tax-year return never come in time], l’ve been late for the past nine years. Local tax office helpfully fill it in for me, and l’ve never been fined. Did this year’s last week. Here’s hoping!

If you are under 60 you should have had it by now, over 60s don’t pay.

We have a separate bank account for paying impot (business, personal, whatever) as it has been extremely difficult to stop the money being taken in case of a dispute. We just top up our “impot” account with what is needed as and when.

Having said that we have not had a problem with disputing the occassional penalty charges, a visit or a phone call is usually all that is needed.

Errr? Is this only if your income is below a set threshold? We”re over 60 and we pay!

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Me too !


and us…


We are late 60s early 70s and we certainly pay a considerable sum - “Over 60s don’t pay” - More fake news especially the bit about a visit or a phone call is usually all that is needed.


Oddly, in the post today is a letter from Le Ministre Paris telling us that we are exonerated from TdH (and contribution á l’audiovisuel) for our résidence principale for 2019 - how good is that!