Taxe Fonciere 2020

Has anyone received notification that the Taxe Fonciere bill is available on-line?

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Just looked, not there.

There’s a glitch on the Impots site, whilst the bill itself isn’t available you can pay it via the ‘paiements’ section.

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Just seen it. Ouch!

Has yours gone up?

Yes it is double but that is because the previous occupants of our house since it was built (1900?) said it was 60 square metres, we had no idea about this when we moved in. We declared the actual living area of 140 sq metres when we filled in the obligatory form at the tax office.

Why would I want to pay now? Ours is removed from our bank account at end of year (on Christmas eve most years).

How come you get to pay it so late, we have to pay ours by the 15th of October?

Pay monthly its much less painful.

Sorry to hijack this thread. Last year we were resident from Jan 1st but still got charged the second home taxe d’habitation.
We assumed this was because we hadn’t filled out our first tax declaration.
Will we get a refund this year and how do we claim it?

My bad. OH tells me I’m out of my tree, it’s taxe d’hab we pay on boxing day. Taxe fonc is 25/10.

Did you tell them you were resident? They aren’t telepathic.

Thanks for that Tim…I just checked mine and can see the glitch…I’ve paid it but it won’t be taken from my French bank account until 26th October…

Mines the same as last year

I’ve not turned off paper statements yet as I still prefer to receive them in hard copy in the post and keep them in a folder …not received by post yet…

I’ve done nothing about my residents permit so far as I’ll have been here 5 years middle of June next year…I’ll apply then and hope for the best…

Yes. We told them several times and checked twice.

Then you should be able to get it back. If you go to your personal space on the tax website, go into the messagerie and choose the formulaire “Je signale une erreur sur le calcul de mon impôt”. There you can write to request a refund. It can take a long time. But don’t be tempted not to pay as if they reject your claim for a refund you will be given a 10% surcharge if you haven’t paid.

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Just received our paper TF 2020 (Dept 16) but no indication that it’s available on-line.
Do you have to ask for that or do you always receive a paper copy?

It’s usually available on-line at the end of August, not unduly worried as its only gone up 13 Euros but still a bit off that I’m expected to pay a bill without actually being able to see it.

do you not get a paper copy at all then?

No and haven’t done for a few years.

2020 Taxe Foncière bill arrived in my Impot Personal Space today… 14/09

Thankfully only 145€ more than 2019… and everything is now officially “correct” after last year’s visit by the Geomètre… phew… :hugs:

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