Taxe Fonciere 2020

Ditto Helen

Out taxe fonciere arrived yesterday and it’s gone up by €263. We haven’t any idea why. Is it going up generally to make up for taxe d’habitation?
Our base cotisation has gone up from 1241 to 1639!
Should we ask for an explanation?

Did you do any works to your house? Were you subject to an exoneration last year which has now run out? Have your neighbours had similar increases? If answer is no to all of those then ask…

We had a velux put in and were told it wouldn’t affect tax.
They then sent us a 4 page document to fill in with our complete house measurements. We used the plan of the house that had been submitted by the previous owner when they added a bedroom and bathroom.
Nothing else has changed.

I think it will be based on that document although I think it has almost certainly already been taken into account for the previous valuation.

possibly not then as this H1 submission might well have been the trigger…

Ok. Probably have to take it on the chin.
Hopefully it shouldn’t go up much in future.

Just received my bill - it’s gone up from 270e to 940e! I’ve renovated the house and the habitable space has gone down and I’ve lost a bedroom - what is going on? I have booked a telephone appointment with the local (Limoux) tax office for next week - I wonder how they will justify it.

Minés gone from 599€ to 608€. Can’t complain. If it had gone up a couple of hundred € I’d certainly inquire why!

If it hasn’t been assessed for years then the increase (although large) just brings it up to date. Ours increased by 50% for that reason, Have owned several places and depending on the town/village/rural location have paid anything from 200€ to nearly 2000€ and we’re not talking big posh houses! :wink:

I’m in a small village of 200 people so this 350% increase is a massive shock and they want it paid within 3 weeks!

aïe ! Sounds a bit steep but not outrageous, as I say, it all depends on when it was assessed at 270€, some haven’t been reassessed for decades! You’re doing the right thing though, have a chat to try to get to the bottom of it :wink:

and if you will be struggling to pay it, you will find them sympathetic…