Taxe Fonciere - any clemency this year?

Hello all.
Does anyone know if those of us with second homes in France who cannot visit and occupy their homes, might be offered some clemency this year please?


Someone else has asked this question. Why would you expect a refund?


I have already missed one trip to my holiday home and am likely to miss the next I am hoping to get at least one longish visit this year but it may not happen. I wouldn’t dream of asking for money back. That would be the same as asking for a council tax deduction in England when I do get to France


I’m not ‘expecting a refund’ merely asking as to whether there has been any information forthcoming.

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My Tax Fonciere comes to over €2000 PA

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And ? , the authorities did know there was going to be a pandemic when they set it


AFAIK, no holiday home owners will be executed this year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No, of course they didn’t. What an extraordinary pompous and sanctimonious thing to say.

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Why is that pompous and sanctimonious exactly? Can you explain please?


Non what so ever for the moment, and to be honest I can’t see there being one either. There have been efforts made for our cotisations and other charges but that’s to keep business going.

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Tesco actually

BTW Stop trolling

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Perhaps they are feeling left out.

I presume you understand why you are not allowed access to your holiday home.

Well I did issue a warning this morning…


I think she’s sorted it. My next bottle is Lidl and French unfortunately UK bought. Not for drinking tonight though,

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Before this descends any further, could people just bear in mind that in England and France people are loosing their jobs, going bankrupt, being kicked out of accommodation, and struggling to get food on the table because of loss of income due to this coronavirus. So from many perspectives people who have second homes are most likely to be more comfortably off. And therefore the idea of getting any sort of financial break is difficult to take seriously for those of us who are loosing thousands. Given all that it’s not surprising that your question has provoked a negative reaction.


Well said @JJones


I’d say you have a snowball’s chance in Hell Mark :slightly_smiling_face:

You old joker… how much should Tump get because he can’t access his holiday homes (read golf courses) around the World.