Taxe Foncière Bills 2021 - Increases?

Just found my new TF bill is in my in-box

Only gone up by around 80€ … so that’s a relief.

What increases have you noticed ???

Mine’s gone down by 98€ :sunglasses: :partying_face: :laughing:

Does this mean you’ve been overcharged in the past… ?? :roll_eyes:

Seriously, just wondering where the difference lies… I’m expecting ours to drop once the refuse collection etc is no longer included… (it will be billed separately, so no overall savings unfortunately)

I suspect it does: the bill says “Dégrèvement Habitation principale - 100€” and as my house has been my principal residence for 6 years it looks as if I’ve been missing out. I wonder if I can reclaim previous years’ contributions?

On the bright side, even if I ignore my discount, my bill only went up by 2€!

I was assured by the local tax bastards, that my TF would go down, if/when my house & ajoining gite became one via a communicating door.
Another example of tax-speak bollocks…
Increase of 55 euros, to make the figure an easier to remember 1000 per year.

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Mine’s gone up by €10.

Mine’s gone up by 67 euros

Could these increases be due to local authorities tryong to recover money from loss of taxe d’habitation?

21€ which is only a small percentage, but since we still pay taxe d’hab I resent any increase!

Given that the combined taxe fonciere and tax d’habitation come to half what the council tax for my little 2-bed terrace house in Stroud was, I’m fine with it :smiley:

Doesn’t quite work like that. There is very little within taxe foncières which is within the gift of the local communes to determine.

The whole principal was that taxe d’hab is paid by local people whether they own or rent property, so this gives a real incentive for people to participate in their commune.

Taxe fonc is paid by those who own the property, who may not have a local link, and is set at a higher administrative level. Some of the money from taxe fonc that went to a departmental level is going to be channelled back to the communes, but they all say it will not compensate for the amount lost by the suppression of taxe d’hab.

Just got mine today gone down a bit which is better than going up I suppose, when does it have to be paid by as it doesn’t say on the form & I cant remember from last year, I’m hoping to move out end of next year still have a lot of work to complete first so I will have Habitation Tax to pay then is it much more than Tax Fonciere?

I think you need to look carefully at the bottom of the first page… how you pay will be outlined with dates as appropriate…

Good to know I have to small houses that I’m renovating that are connected so have two tax bills so I need to get it recognised as one or once I move out I will be paying four lots!

You might find your renovations increase the value… and thus the cost of TFoncière will go up too. Hopefully, not by too much (if at all).

it says the 31/08/21 only just got it,

Good to know I have to small houses that I’m renovating that are connected so have two tax bills so I need to get it recognised as one or once I move out I will be paying four lots!

I suspect 31.08.21 is the date “de mise en recouvrement” ie date of the bill…

A bit lower down, in a large box… it will/might layout how you are paying…

Mine is by DD and it tells me
“Vous n’avez rien à envoyer”… as they’ll take it direct from the Bank on the date stated 26/10/21

Thank you it only has that date on the form which is strange I cant find last years one, its filed away somewhere I will find it when I’m not looking for it, I’m sure it had the October date on it,

Tax d’Habition is dependent on how much income you declared the year before. If you didn’t earn enough to pay any income tax, you’ll only be paying the €138 for the French TV licence.