Taxes etc to pay on new shed / new pool

We are in the processing of completing the declaration preable in relation to building a shed and swimming pool.
Is anyone able to advise me:
The size of the proposed shed is 20 sq m - does this fall within the rules for using this form or do we need to drop it below 20 sq m even if just a few centimetres?
Do we have to pay a one off tax for the shed and if so how is it calculated, or do we have to pay a tax every year on the shed, and again if so, how is it calculated?

Same questions in relation to the swimming pool. How much is the cost of gaining the declaration preable and how much is the annual tax…We are thinking of an in ground pool of about 50 sq m.

Many thanks in advance for any advice/help.

Hi Anne

Personally, I would check things at the Mairie… :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

If you are not actually in France at the moment… you can send emails…

From memory it was added to the habitation (or foncière). The fisc are very demanding - you improve your property at no additional cost to anybody but yourself, and they whack on some extra tax.

As said. Your mairie will advise, it’s what they’re there for.
A new pool will increase your own individual property tax. It’s not like a flat rate ‘pool tax’ that is the same for everyone. So not possible to give you a figure.

Thank you Stella, we have tried to establish costs but with a laugh and casual wave have been told, oh it’s not much…

Very frustrating!


Thank you Anna. I think I am really asking if you have to go on paying a tax on a garden outbuilding year after year - or it if is just a one off ‘planning application’ fee ?

The Mairie is vague just saying ‘oh it’s not much’ big laugh…!

Ermm…the taxe d’aménagement is not nothing. Maybe the people in your Mairie are rich! But it is a one-off. Link below to give you an idea.

Any dépendances like a garden shed are then also considered in the overall calculation of taxe d’hab, but that is much more likely to be a minor increase.

Must be very frustrating indeed… and not much good.

Obviously you need to speak/mail with the person who actually knows the subject and the details involved…

I would send an email to the Mairie, asking them to tell me (politely) who can deal with my enquiry. (I take no prisoners if I feel folk are waffling at me… :upside_down_face: )

You need to know the specifications allowed for each of your projects and the taxes etc which will become due… as well as the proper forms to complete asking for permission etc etc etc…

It’s nothing secret… the information should be made available…

(our Mairie deals with emails from across the world as we have quite an international population for second homes etc… )

Anything over 18 sq M will require planning permission, which is expensive and a pain. Unless you really, really, need the extra 2 sqm, suggest you alter your plans to 18 sqm. you don’t have to have full 3-view plans either, just a drawing or photo of a similar edifice. The tax on 18 sq m is a one-off €50. Someone will come round long after you’ve completed it and make sure it is the right size. Do you intend to install power ? I did but, err, forgot to tick the box on the form. I’m advised the french usually build their shed and then submit the form later, but I guess we Brits should do things by the book …

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I read on a Facebook group that someone’s tax Increased by €75 for their pool, just to give a vague idea.

If only that was true!
I have just had a veranda of 17.5 m2 installed. I had to present full architects drawings and the tax d’amenagement comes in at €450

How very odd. I built my Abris (6x3M) after submitting both the form and a nice colour impression of the finished item (which I filched from the internet and then fiddled with), started building a month later sans any demur from the Mairie, then a guy came round some weeks later, didn’t even speak to me, measured the shed, and then a few weeks later I got a bill for €50. All done. I thought the 18sq m limit applied both to sheds and to extensions. Although I seem to remember that that has been increased for small extensions. ?? I know a friend had a similar experience where his local Maire seemingly had a personal beef and insisted on planning permission and associated costs for a 18qm breeze block shed. At the time our own Maire was very laid back and basically let you build what you liked. Sadly he has now been replaced and I’ve no idea what the new one is like vis-a-vis sheds, etc.

It depends on whether you are in the curtilage of a monument or site classé. I am just outside so I just drew an auvent on a photograph of the relevant façade my house and dropped it off at the mairie with the déclaration de travaux.

I am not in a ‘site classé’. Maybe, like a lot of things it depends on where you live!

Qh yes… a veranda is totally different … certainly not a garden shed… :roll_eyes:

We did in fact call the tax office about this as the Marie could not really help.

They said that the there were no specific rules about the size and we would only know the cost once the plans had been submitted…!

But from what you are saying, nationally anything of 18 sq m or less should only attract a €50 ‘planning application fee’ and then nothing more - but if you step over 18 sq m then who knows the consequences !!!


I don’t know what the €50 fee is called, perhaps “We-have-to-charge-something fee, because we always do”.
Incidentally, up to 5sqM no paperwork is required at all, so (being silly) you could build dozens of <5sq M sheds - one for each function - one for garden tools, one for chicken feed, etc etc. :slight_smile:

Oh, you’ve seen our neighbour’s garden then. :slight_smile:

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But isn’t there also a height restriction of 1.8 M if you don’t want to do through any planning processs?

Sue Jarvis

    March 16

alt flartybarty:
@flartybarty I don’t know what the €50 fee is called, perhaps “We-have-to-charge-something fee, because we always do”.
Incidentally, up to 5sqM no paperwork is required at all, so (being silly) you could build dozens of <5sq M sheds - one for each function - one for garden tools, one for chicken feed, etc etc. :slight_smile:

Oh, you’ve seen our neighbour’s garden then. :slight_smile:

Please be careful everyone… there is a form to be completed when you build whatever (more or less). (eg: there is the form which simply tells the Mairie and Powers that Be… that such and such is going to be built but needs no special permission and that still needs to be done and received by the Mairied)…Nothing should be undertaken without first checking which forms need to be completed and doing same…

It would be unwise to imagine that you can simply go ahead… please contact your Mairie by email or telephone at the moment (with the current restrictions)… and they will advise the course of action to be taken…