Tests needed for return to England

Hi Everyone, we are planning a very overdue visit to our gite in Normandy. At the moment we just need to be double jabbed and we need to download the French app and our NHS app to prove it, I plan to do this later today. Coming back to England we need to have a test within 72 hours, our return Ferry will be early on a Monday morning, just wondering if anybody has had the tests on a Friday and got them back over a weekend? Also if there have been any issues we should be aware of with the app?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It just needs to be a lateral flow test, get it done at a pharmacy and you’ll get the results straight away.


Music to my ears! To answer the OP question, I did get a PCR test done on a Friday, about 11:30 and the result appeared on my phone about 6 hrs later.

I anticipated having to show this to the Spanish border people about 5pm on the following day, Saturday but the Spanish side was completely deserted! Not a duana to be seen. Same thing heading north …

Thank goodness the FR test was free. The Spanish test was not and the FR duanes did indeed want to see the result.

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Fab, thank you.

@Jackiemold What’s the French app you need to download?

TousAntiCovid. It will show up in English and has its’ own QR reader

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You need an app to prove you have been doubled jabbed, TousAntiCovid. I think this is needed to allow access to attractions!

Not just attractions, restaurants and cafés as well

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It doesn’t have to be an app - a piece of paper with the QR code on will work just fine! I don’t have a smartphone and there was no problem with the venue scanning the code off the paper last weekend


So a print out of the NHS app COVID passport with QR code will suffice?

Yes, exactly! You can upload it into TousAntiCovid but you don’t have to. There are lots of people without smartphones and they only use it to scan the QR code anyway. :smiley:


Or people who don’t want the tousanticovid app on their phone: you can download the attestation from your ameli account and keep it on your phone - does the same thing but you’re not tracked everywhere :wink:

That’s useful to point out for people registered in the French system, @androo - I’m sticking with the paper version but it’s not terribly durable. Some people have laminated the QR code and kept that in their wallets as having it scanned at the venue does show the scanner your details.

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I arranged PCR tests at our local Synlab for my parents earlier this week for them to return to UK - all done very efficiently and results returned quickly and without charge.


That’s excellent I will try that

Just realised we do not seem to have Synlab in dept 50 :frowning:

Another local Synlab is charging for tests to UK residents travelling to France. I don’t know what there is a difference between locations.

When booking make sure and select the person is from UK otherwise the Web page errors saying that a French health number is needed.

I don’t think you are tracked as such. “Tous AntiCovid ne stocke que l’historique de proximité d’un téléphone mobile et aucune autre donnée. Il n’est pas possible de connaitre l’identité d’un utilisateur de l’application, ni qui il a croisé, ni où, ni quand. L’utilisateur peut également faire le choix d’effacer son historique ponctuellement s’il le désire.”

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AHA - another Manchois :smiley: Yes, the labs are all privately owned and different areas seem to have different companies. However, there are lots of labs in Manche that do tests, although after the recent rulings, most charge (maximum 46 euros for a PCR test as I remember)

If you want a list of everywhere, including pharmacies, that will do tests regardless of company, use the government site sante.fr - here’s a link for dept 50


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Very helpful thank you :slight_smile: