Tête de veau

Twice in the last 10 days we have asked what the plat is in 2 different restaurants. It’s tête de veau.
I’m not sure I could eat this so has anyone on this forum had it and what is it like please?

Tete de veau is like brawn.
It is usually served with sauce gribiche, which is like a mayonnaise but made with the yolks of cooked eggs, capers and herbs.
I made a tete de porc for my old friend here for Christmas and, of course, sauce gribiche.
We are lucky, in our local restaurant there are always four choices of main course, so if andouillettes are on the menu there is always something else acceptable.

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Hummmmm, I’m pretty well travelled (!?!), stomach of iron and up for most things but…I can honestly say that Tete de Veau is one of the most repulsive things I’ve ever tried. It tastes just like it looks :face_vomiting: Closely followed by Ris de Veau - horrendous! :face_vomiting:


I’ll be giving that a miss then.

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Years ago when we had a cat I bought brawn for her. Certainly wouldn’t eat it myself.

Tête de veau … is delicious when done by our local traiteur… yummy… but OH does not like it (yes, he did try it)… and, if TdV is on the menu de jour… OH normally gets offered a faux filet instead…

We saw perhaps a couple of other diners, obviously not lovers of TdV… but out of about 50 covers… mmm. in the minority…

First time this happened, I offered to pay any extra… but it was waived aside.

I have tried TdV further afield… sometimes OK, but rarely as delicious as out local chappie does it…

“Ris de Veau - horrendous! :face_vomiting:

But ris de veau is so inoffensive compared to lots of other things! (Pieds et paquets, andouillette etc etc)

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That stuff is pretty bad - when served in our local Routiers even the French send it back!

Véro - It’s a ‘consistency’ thing for me. Makes me shudder - I must be over sensitive lol! :grin:

I have problems with some consistencies too so I understand! For me it’s gristly cartilagineous or
jellyish textures which are sick-making. I used to have a lot of trouble with aspic etc as a child. How are you with brains? I can manage them and r de v but the brains have to be meunière!

Lol Véro we’re going to have to stop - it’s making me feel a bit dicky mint! :unamused:

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You just reminded me of when my friends little boy started private school. His dad used to talk to him in Cockney rhyming slang. One day at school he wasn’t very well and told the headmaster he was feeling a bit Moby. He was 5 at the time.


I ate andouillette - on a pizza of all things - without really knowing what it was.

While I would not say i was overly impressed with the flavour it was not so horrendous that I wouldn’t try it again .

Just try eating it on its own💩

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We had friends staying with us, and when they went to the supermarket to get sausages, they missed the giant cabinet at the back full of sausages and decided the only thing available was andouillette. We did cook them despite the horrendous smell but none of us actually ate any. We were in no doubt whatsoever as to what it was made of!

I do wish you’d all stop it… :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

I’m waiting for the right moment - that and probably the right sauce.

I assume that someone, somewhere, likes it.

Not far from us is a town called Louhans which has a great monday morning cattle and vollaile market, plus normal market. The cattle market now closed to public but the vollaile market (includes rabbits, guinea pigs etc etc) is great as some wonderful breeds.

Anyway it starts around 6am, and the animal markets start winding down from 9.30am when everyone piles in to local restaurants for tête de veau… It’s bad enough at supper time, but at that hour in the morning it is GROSS! We were taken by some friends as a “treat”, and I’m not sure I’ve recovered. OH luckily they accept as vegetarian so he didn’t have to suffer it, but since they know I eat meat occassionally I had no excuse. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Just looked up pieds et pacquet, seriously I would rather starve!

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With you on that one.

One of the local restaurants specialises in tripe, award-winning in fact. They do TdV as well.


I had the sanglier - very nice!

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