The 1960s Shopping Basket

Here is my latest jigsaw,not a new one just one I randomly dug out of the loft. Not a particularly challenging puzzle but interesting all the same. I find myself looking for a piece and then my mind veers off to the '60s with such mouthwatering delights as Vesta Beef Curry & Rice , Birds Eye Mousse or Ski Yoghurt.....NOT !!! The Vesta pack says it serves TWO !!! Realms of Jackanory ou quoi ??? Not enough to feed an ant !

Saying that, this silly jigsaw brings back so many memories - For example, the Smiths Crisps factory was just across the road from us and so the waft of newly made crisps made it's way to our house, sad day when the blue bag was scrapped only to be reinstated by popular demand. Needless to say, the old factory is now a row of houses....

*droops wrist weakly*

Awfuwwy sowwy old chap :p

I always felt Dolly Mixtures were a bit 'effeminate' Ian, but whatever turns you on I suppose ...

Rainbow Drops were nice too

Wine gums were brill, Peter. Black ones the best, as always in these sort of collections !

Dolly mixtures anyone?

Well done Steve. Not high on my list but quite nice.

I've just remembered Wine Gums, they were deelish...the round red ones were my preferred tipple wih the black ones a close second ! They all had names of drinks stamped on them if I recall.

Curly Wurlies have shrunk, it's disgraceful ! Wagon Wheels too !

Tunes were disgustingly 'moorish' to me. I was in a church choir and most of the choristers either sucked Tunes (the younger members) or Imps (for the older palate) with a few Hacks thrown in. You can imagine the smell in the vestry !

There used to be a make of fudge too. My dad used to pinch it tho' (fudge was his fave) so I always felt the pocket money was somehow 'wasted' !

That's it - might have lost some sleep trying to remember them ! - They seemed to feature in christmas selection boxes and I was always fascinated by the dark green glassy colours.

Spangles Helen !

Yes ! Sweet Tobacco.

Trying for the life of me to remember the range of boiled sweets that came in a Tunes or Hacks sized pack and one variation was the Olde English one.

Shame that they reformulated Victory V's. (And rejigged Curly Wurlies for that matter).

Enjoyed Highland Toffee

As an aside Brian's OH might remember Micamu caramels from Migros when they came in a blue box - they were delicious but they and the packaging changed in the 70's. Whenever we had relatives over they were the one thing we looked forward too.

Nutella is disgusting too Helen !

It reminds me of a choccy version of peanut butter - YUK !

Was too expensive for my pocket money. Now you can buy popping candy chocolate spread by Sainsburys (disgusting according to my Nutella gobbling kids) and of course Space Dust reappears as popping candy in Cadbury bars

Maybe when the wives were away the servicemen in the RAF put a packet of DASH in the window. Desperate Airman Seeks Hospitality....

Come on, I'm not that soapy ;-)

Steady the Buffs Brian you're sounding a bit Thackway there.

Ah Jayz you cracked me here with that one, boyo :)

Did the men whose wives were away and were glad of it for then very illicit reasons put a packet of Fairy Snow in the same place?

I'm sure it's an urban myth but the story goes that Service wives in married quarters, with husbands away in foreign parts, who were anxious for some male company would put a packet of OMO in the kitchen window to indicate "Old Man Overseas". Must be a myth it's just too obvious.

I remember those Goblin puddings, yes always full of gristle. I got a bag of crackling free when I went for the family fish suppers, so you were eager to do the errand !

what about goblin meat puddings.the meat was always grissle and fat. going off shop bought food,i remember going to our chippy and paying a penny for a bag of crackling that they got out of the frier after the batter fell off. salt and vinegar yum!

Tragic thing is I didn't have much to start with !!!