The Baguette is a Cultural Treasure..?

I love French bread… in all its forms… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Can anyone suggest something that should be added to this Cultural Treasure category… ???

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Chocolatine ?

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Maison Gatille in our next village was World Champion baguette baker for one year.

UK hasn’t joined in yet… but maybe it should…

There may be some dispute to this, but wasn’t the baguette designed for consumption by Napoleonic troops who pushed it down a narrow pocket in their trousers (or however the garment was described at the time) for sustenance during a long march?

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croissant, frogs legs, snails, beret to name a few

Andouillette - surely the most disgusting thing (outside of China) ever made to be eaten/smelt​:skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:


Had to look that up…:face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

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Or is it ‘pain au chocolat’?

Depends on where you are in France… in Nouvelle Aquitaine its chocolatine - if you ask for ‘pain au chocolat’ in some parts of this region, you will obviously be regarded as an ‘incomer’ and likely be charged a few centimes more for the privilege :joy:

Exactly that Graham, our local boulangerie marks them up as ‘pain au chocolat’ but I always ask for a ‘chocolatine’.

IIRC the extra charge comes from comments made about Bordeaux particularly. The Bordelaise are particularly sensitive about Parisians splashing their cash on cheaper properties in the area, driving up prices and denying locals from getting properties at reasonable cost and setting up shops in direct competition with locals so this is a ‘fight back’. Just don’t walk in your boulangerie wearing your jumper over your shoulders :wink:

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The Bordelaise are particularly sensitive about Parisians splashing their cash on cheaper properties in the area, driving up prices and denying locals from getting properties at reasonable cost.

Isn’t that what we ‘immigrants’ have been accused of as well ? :zipper_mouth_face:

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No Ann, I don’t think so. I believe we are seen as net contributors to the French economy in rural areas in particular, and therefore not ‘hated’ as much as Parisians are.

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Had an pizza with Andouillette in Rocheforte-en-Terre, not exactly retch inducing but not an experience I will rush to repeat :slight_smile:

Graham is right. In rural areas we are life savers…well…we help the locals by setting up our Band bs
and our gites,
We also restore dying properties and encourage a sense of life and living in the area.


re the chocolatine depends where you are. where we are they are marked as both in different shops unde the same owner :stuck_out_tongue:

all depends as if your moving t an area and becoming part of the commune they love you for it. if your moving in and setting up a mini britain with your english neighbours they tend to take offence.

Always takes me back to a guy from what he called the “expat commune”

Walked into a pizza shop orders a pizza in english, lady says what? me in my fake french accent (which he fell for I might add) says ahh monsieur what is it you need? he replied and i told the lady in french. I then told him the price in english as he failed to understand even the price, I said to him “so you are enjoying your holiday to our beautiful country?” he replied im not a visitor I have lived here for over 6 years and I am an ex pat and part of the expat commune at xx location.

As I left i said bye and spoke to the lady behind the counter in english to which she replied in english, he looked well peeved. BTW my french is awful then and still is now but I always make that effort.

He also managed to park his car blocking 3 cars in on the road (3 legal cars parked in parking bays, even though there were spaces a little further down. This is what peeves the french off more than anything when folks pretty much assume every french person in a shop is going to speak english and make not even an effort to speak french.



if someone served me this I think id feel sick even before i tried it

I admit to absolutely hating andouillette… yes, I have tried them… and then warned others…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

However, there is one place where we were presented with Andouillette de Canard. We were guests and enjoying a menu du jour in a little resto/bar… in the hills, 10/20 mins south of Bergerac Airport.

When we realised what the main course was, we politely tackled it… Wow… our delicate nibbling quickly turned into great mouthfuls.

After the meal, I asked to speak to the chef… and he explained that the andouillette de canard… was one of his specialities…he makes them to a special recipe (possibly handed down through the family… his accent was a bit thick)

So, if you get the opportunity to taste Anduoillette de Canard, “fabrication artisanal”… give them a whirl…you might be in for a pleasant surprise… :grin:

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