The Benefits of Vaccination (with thread drift...)

If anyone has any doubts, I suggest you read this article:

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I had a chat yesterday with a bunch of premières (so 15/16 years old) about vaccination, lots of boys were very anti it, their reasons were as follows: they think getting covid is less of a risk for their age-group than getting the side-effects of a vaccine, it is new and possibly rushed into production and they are intensely suspicious of it, quite extraordinary really like hearing a bunch of aged reactionaries chuntering.
None of the girls were anti vaccine, nobody thought it should be compulsory but they accepted that not being vaccinated might mean not being able to do certain things.


Although they have been tested on far greater numbers, millions, rather than the more usual small sample.


Yes it isn’t rational at all and shows they don’t understand statistics but there you are - it is a snapshot.

For me the benefit of vaccination is one of considerable relief.
Sooner or later I will be exposed to Covid, but with the vaccine it is highly unlikely that I will be hospitalised, and even less likely that I will end up in ‘Reanimation’.
I’ve been there (not Covid related), had the T-shirt, and worn it out, and I certainly never wish to have to go there again.
To anyone who has any doubts about whether or not to be vaccinated, I implore you, if you don’t do it for yourself then please, please, do it for the sake of those close to you to save them the huge trauma of you being in the ICU.


Are you sure they don’t understand the statistics? I haven’t looked at them for some time I must admit - but the last time I did, the risk of death from vaccination (admittedly that was looking at AZ) was greater than from covid for their age group.
The ‘whole population’ relative risk statistics are not really relevant to them - since almost all covid deaths are among the elderly. There is of course still an argument from altruism for vaccination, and possibly from travel, etc - but I’m not so sure about a statistical argument.


Yes…the difference between relative risk and absolute risk makes the “vaccine” around 1% effective…

Explanation here…


They wouldn’t be offered the AZ vaccine in France. And afaik the risk of dying from the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines is literally zero. Meanwhile I read some months back of the tragic case of a young Asian boy, 15 years old, in London, who died of COVID with no comorbidities and whose family were unable to attend his burial. There’s literally no rational reason to refuse an mRNA vaccine. There’s plenty of FUD on the subject though, more’s the pity.

The Highwire, please really🤢, that’s on par with Libertarian, New Age and QAnon.
Del Bigtree wasn’t he the guy that downplayed the severity of the coronavirus pandemic on his show and suggested viewers intentionally expose themselves to Covid-19, that went well didn’t it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m experiencing similar silliness. I do believe it comes from the chunterings of family members rather than any real consideration. But still, they’re ignoring the reality that the unvaccinated population are a vector for “escape” variants that could render the current (largely successful) vaccination program null and void. They might not get very sick. But it’s anti-social to not appreciate your role in the wider pandemic if you refuse vaccination.

There are good reasons to refuse. I’m young and I probably won’t get very sick ISN’T one of them.


They don’t get stats in general - the vaccine on offer is pfizer/moderna and the side-effects for them are apparently less significant than side-effects of covid. I have a number of pupils who still have no sense of taste or smell months after having covid.


Q Anon…really lol :joy:

I don’t think so…that’s just lame stream media trying to put genuine people with valid concerns into one conspiracy basket…:grinning:


Do you have sources for that belief…???

First one out of Google:

There’s loads more.

And what if it’s the vaccinated population who are driving the “escape variants”…???

The synthetic spike protein is quite singular and the pcr tests are set at such a high number of cycles as to be meaningless (admitted by Fauci)

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By the way, I appreciate you’re heated on the issue, I see from other posts in other threads you have strong opinions, but I have nothing to say to you if you simply deny science, there’s no sense in any back and forth discussion.


I too study the science Greg and if you wish to view my posts as “heated” then that’s ok…I would always much rather advocate open discussion and transparency over censorship any day of the week…

I have three adult children and 5 grandchildren with a sixth on the way…My pregnant daughter has just been sent a letter to get her “coronavirus vaccine”…There is so much wrong with that letter I wouldn’t even know where to start…

I too study the science

In fairness, no evidence of that I can see.

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Meanwhile Pfizer are being pretty transparent about their research:

What do you fear?

I wonder what they think about the blood clot risks their girlfriends run from taking the pill?

They should get a good kick in the arse (in a caring way) :slightly_smiling_face: