The cost of connecting a new fosse

I wonder if anyone could give me a rough figure as to how much connecting a new fosse would cost, please. I am interested in a particular house that is for sale that has a new fosse but it hasn’t been connected. Also, it needs a new ballon fitted for the hot water. I know how much ballons cost but not how much it would cost to have one fitted. Moving into a place without hot water is doable as one can always resort to a kettle or saucepan, at least during the summer months, but having a working fosse is clearly an absolute must. The property is in Brittany

Thank you in anticipation.

I’d ask why the fosse wasn’t connected as it seems very odd putting a new one in without connecting it up. The cost of supplying and fitting a ballon depends on the size and the ease of connecting up the hot and cold water supplies, I’d allow anything up to 1000 euros.


Thank you - it does seem odd. I thought at first that whoever had had the new fosse fitted had perhaps run out of money during renovations but then it occurred to me that perhaps there was an issue with the soil. I’ll get back to the estate agent.

you might get an honest answer from the immob but you may get a better view by talking either to the mairie or SPANC if they are responsible for Le Service Public d’Assainissement Non Collectif


I would tread very carefully regarding the ‘new’ fosse! If this was installed legally then SPANC would have inspected the work in stages throughout the installation. If the new fosse hasn’t been connected to the domestic drainage system then SPANC will not have officially signed the works off, which is crucial. Ask to see the plans and all relevant paperwork before going any further. If this is not forthcoming then walk away as there are loads more good houses available.


Exactly what @Joyce_Hartley has just written.


Having sold 2 houses here during the last 10 years it is obligatory for SPANC to survey the drainage system, both top and foul, before the house can be sold. If thier inspection shows up any irregularities then there will be the paperwork to support it.
To be told, presumably by the immobilier that the house JUST needs connecting to the new fosse stinks, excuse the pun.
Walk away or speak to SPANC and then you may well still walk away.
On the other hand reduce your offer by 15k to account for replacing the existing new fosse.
Yes, I know a new fosse should cost less but the reduction includes a cushion😉


but take into account the removal and disposal of the old one :wink:

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when stuff is unfinished … I always wonder how well the “finished” stuff has been done…

I do hope everything carries the 10 year guarantees… yes, I know that is something the Notaire should enquire about… but it’s worth asking before getting too keen on a place…

as has been said above… there is a lot of property on the market… the Buyer rules the roost…


Thank you for this - excellent advice. I’m so tired of looking I sometimes overlook the obvious. I’d originally decided against the place because of the fosse situation but when my son said how much he liked it I reconsidered and I’ve since discovered that there’s a Greenway/cycle route not far behind it which reignited my interest.

I should have known this as my son sold an inheritance last year and the drainage system had to be inspected. And yes, on reflection, the immobiliere should have mentioned this in the original advertisement, not after I’d enquired about it.

The only way to get an accurate answer to your question would be to get a few quotes for the work. When SPANC do a pre sale inspection do they inspect a fosse that’s not connected or just say there is no fosse? I’d be worried about paying to connect a fosse that might turn out not to conform when it is eventually connected.

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I’ve just responded to the well-known estate agent asking why the fosse hasn’t been connected. They’d responded to an earlier email stating that it would have to be connected at my expense so my thoughts exactly re. it possibly not conforming. It’s a pity as the house is next to a Greenway and in itself it quite lovely. One to forget about I think.

I’d nto give up yet, there may be a reasonable answer and as someone else said you can always factor in to the negotiations!

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We had a new complete system installed on our property 3 years ago. An eco Flo system, large enough for 10 people. A lot of excavation. Done by a local firm in the Orne, all done and inspected etc for €11.500.
The closest British quote , not insured! Was 4K more.
Just in case you need a reasonably up to date comparison for cost.


That’s excellent. There was another house that I was looking at that needed a new fosse and I asked a few people who said that it could cost anything from 10K to 15K but the house had other issues including a neighbour’s right of way. However, at 35K it was a consideration. The house I’m interested in now is closer to 60K and also needs a new hot water tank plus all the fittings. I find it odd that the vendor couldn’t complete the work …

It’s certainly a red flag - have you asked for the reason?

Yes, I did but I haven’t received a response. I also asked the mairie who referred me to the local commune but that was only this evening so I look forward to what they have to say. I’m actually losing interest in the place but thanks to Huffy I’ve learnt about Eco Flo systems and how they work as I’m interested in another place that needs a complete replacement.

I’m not sure how much hot water tanks are in France, but a 200lt one in England would be 5/600 quid. if you tied one hand behind my back, it wouldnt take more than a day to change it, so 250/350 quid inc fittings is a good days work.

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They probably worked out that throwing more money at the house wouldn’t add anything to it’s value.