The Dats and Cogs (aka Siamese) thread

There seem to be quite a few of us who have full or part Siamese cats.

As we know, these cats are not like other cats… they are half dog, hence Dats or Cogs! :))

So, I thought it would be nice to have a little corner where we could share our Siamese-specific experiences and advice - good, bad, horrific or comical - with others who benefit/suffer from sharing their homes with these barmy animals!

I’ll start the ball rolling with a photo of my beautiful Zorro who is an exceptionally posh cat now that we know he is almost certainly a Snowshoe and not just one of his mum’s embarrassing little mistakes. :slight_smile:

My ‘ordinary’ moggie, Indi needs only a piece of paper, A4 is the best, place this on the floor and he’ll be entertained for hours using it as a skateboard on the tiled floor! He’ll take a long run on it and then jump on, sending himself skidding.
Here he is posing for the camera - he’s such a show off!

So what little quirks do your dats and cogs have?

This is partly so we can share amusement… and partly so I don’t think Zorro is bonkers! :slight_smile:

Zorro quirk #1 - he ignores proper cat toys (they’re booooring, mum) and prefers to pounce on/carry around a pale blue ‘puffy’ envelope designed to protect CDs in the post. I found it (the envelope!) in bed with me this morning. :))

Nah, that’s not Zorro… he’s got a much ‘whiter’ face! Probably one of his relations though… :)))

And thanks for the philosophy. Yep, I thank/blame the Murf for showing Zorro the way jere… and have asked him several times to improve the littl’un’s manners!

Fantastic Richard! They look very elegant

Richard, they are gorgeous! Lovely names too. So alike… however do you tell them apart?

Zorro and I go for walks too but no rivers here to annoy him. :slight_smile:

@ Julie
No, no, no… no more cats! I swore I would never have another (after Murphy’s death) unless a cat found me. Cue Zorro… !

Seriously, I just do not have the space or money to look after more than one cat properly.

He doesn’t bite my ankles that often and I’m convinced it’s a play thing rather than nasty. A short, sharp ‘no’ usually works.

When he was a kitten he was taken home by the old lady’s carer overnight. She had a fox terrier and they played together. My neighbour has loads of FTs and I’ve seen how they play… lots of pretend biting and ambushing. Zorro is just doing the same, but with me instead of his canine companion! I have water sprays dotted around the place and, if he gets too out-of-hand, I just have to pick one up. I only had to use it once and now just the sight of it is enough. Smart cat!

Hi Julie, Chrissie et al!
I can’t find the original remark about Zorro I think it is, The ankle nibbling cat!
You need to use distraction techniques on him when he does this, by using other play activities, perhaps a toy on the end of a fishing rod or a soft toy placed in his way between his mouth and your ankle.
It is probably beacause he has been allowed to get away with it and never been corrected, especially in those early weeks of his life.

I keep meaning to ask you Julie how many moggies do you have?

I know and there’s me wanting to show him off…like a total cat lady!


I read the raw food thread, Julie… with mounting horror because Zorro currently eats (or rather, will eat) almost nothing except fishy things, with a handful of croquettes for pudding. It’s taken me the last year to get him that far - he came with a half bag of croquettes and I suspect that was the only food he got given for his first year. So, softly softly… but I did buy the Hills Hairball croquettes yesterday and hope to phase those in (for obvious reasons).

PS Love the poem!

Getting him to eat beef Shebas was, I hoped, a step in the right direction towards weening him off fish. I also bought some chicken wings and offered him a raw one. His look was classic… ‘and what on earth do you expect me to do with this?’. He didn’t even bother to play with it. I think a raw food diet might be in the future but goodness knows when.

As for the baby bunny… there wasn’t a scratch on him and I think Zorro just thought he’d make a good playmate. :slight_smile:

So, are all our dats and cogs picky eaters? Or did I just get unlucky? Or is it because we spoil them?

Zorro much prefers fish but, because he’s a feline, I thought he really ought to be eating something meaty as well. Tempted him with a little tub of Sheba beef bits in sauce (did I say he way spoiled?!) and, after a few false starts, he decided he rather liked them. So, yesterday in LeClerc, I added beef to the mixture of Sheba tubs. Put beef down for his breakfast and he point blank refuses to eat it. I’ve put the bowl back down several times during the day but he just huffs and nibbles a few croquettes instead. Grrr.

Poor Bosco… I think son will have to be discouraged from having friends to stay in future. :wink:

Zorro’s the opposite! He insists on being introduced to visitors and I can’t have an over-the-wall conversation with my neighbours unless he can jump up on the wall and join in. :slight_smile:

I live in 3/4 of a renovated open-plan barn which, because of its position, doesn’t have that many windows and doors. I thought I was hard-done-by but now realise I had a lucky escape! I use the french windows as my main entrance because the ‘proper’ front door in in my landlady’s garden - where there are usually any number of hunting dogs wandering about - and it’s never opened if Zorro’s indoors. So, Zorro caught on pretty quickly to the fact that his only exit is via the french windows.

And thanks for the reassurance re time to settle. One of the reasons I phoned the vet for permission to stop the Laxatose was because I didn’t want to undo a year’s worth of trust-building.

Adorabubble is the right word.
I’d just want to cuddle him all the time and let him ride around on my shoulders. :slight_smile:

Zorro does growling too. Real, tough boy stuff that comes from deep inside. I’ve never heard a cat growl like that before and it shocked me rigid the first time I heard it. :open_mouth:

I’d quite forgotten that Julie!
When our children were small they had a pop-up tent and the cats loved it, I’ll obviously have to invest in another.

What a fab cat great photography too Julie!

Thank you Chrissie he is nearly three now and can be a very unsocial fellow…he loves us his slaves but runs a mile when anyone visits…my son has a friend staying for a couple of days so he is now in residence under the bed and probably will only appear for his tray and maybe munchies. F

Thanks Julie!