The estate agent marketing my house called me a connasse

Long story cut short

Neighbour/estate agency employee put my house on the market

As I got to know her better I realised that she has an awful reputation outside of work for getting drunk, insulting and even thumping people

She makes friends, falls out with them and then makes their life hell

People are scared of her

There have been a spate of problems with my house but the worst was on Tuesday night when she was clearly drunk, had decided to add me to her hit list and sent me a series of insulting texts

One simply said 'connasse'

I don't want to lie down nor hide like other people she has bullied and as well as taking my house away from her agency I want her boss to realise that, even if she is polite during office hours, she is really nasty at other times

And of course if she thinks that of me she is not going to put any effort in to selling my property

So I am writing a letter but am not sure if it is defamatory and also need to politely get my message across

Any advice welcome

Letter goes (ps bit too angry right now to do final spell check etc)


Objet : révocation d'un mandat de vente

A la date du xxx, je vous ai confié un mandat de vente non exclusif portant sur le bien situé à xxx

Suivant plusieurs insultes blessantes de la part de votre employée, Mme xxx je ne souhaite plus que ma maison reste à vendre avec votre agence.

Ce n’est pas la première fois que j’étais troublé par le comportement de Mme xxx et par conséquence je ne peux plus faire confiance au niveau du service proposé

Conformément aux conditions de résiliation prévu au contrat et aux dispositions du décret du 20 juillet 1972, nous mettons fin par la présente à ce mandat, la résiliation prenant effet à l'issue du préavis de quinze jours, soit à la date du xxx

Yours etc

What do you think? Any advice very welcome as want to get this off sooner rather than later

Merci d'avance!

Ah oui! LOL

I think I would very politely thank her for her few unkind words and place my business elsewhere if possible .

Hi Sarah - Maybe we got the woman completely wrong as she was trying to say you're a "perfect wowan" :D

Hope that cheered you up a bit ;)


FWIW, I think you are absolutely right to complain to the agency about your treatment by its employee, who you wrote in another post is the person responsible for selling your property and managing an adjoining one.

I noticed from your letter, that your sales arrangement is non-exclusive, which indicates to me that if they don't find a buyer, you owe them nothing. Therefore is it worth complaining about this woman and the lack of interest through the agency and give them the opportunity to put things right/change marketing strategy etc? If they do nothing, you can always terminate later but you will have offered them the opportunity to rectify the situation and this should redound to your credit locally.

Good luck Sarah, people like this give decent agents a bad name.

I assume the mandat is Sans Exclusivité ?

I spoke to a lawyer friend today and he said this agent could wriggle her way out by saying the insults were sent outside of office hours and from her private mobile. Liberty of speech etc etc

He has suggested that I include a complaint I have about her handling of leak between my property (on sale with her) and my neighbours (tenants of the agency)

So any advice on the following would like wise be very welcome

I want to include the following

J’étais déjà très inquiét par sa gestion d’un dégât des eaux concernant ma maison (à vendre avec vous) et la maison à cote (rénovée sous la supervision de Mme xxx de la part de son frère et actuellement occupée par des locataires sous la gérance de votre agence)

Mme xxx me n’a pas averti qu’il y avait un problème et c’était quelques mois plus tard quand votre agence a reçu un Mise en Demeure qu’elle m’a finalement contacté.

J’ai des copies de toutes correspondances (emails, lettres, photos etc.) entre mes voisins et Mme xxx qui font preuve que Mme xxx savait qu’il y avait un problème pendant plusieurs mois sans me dire.

Quand j’ai essayé de parler avec Mme xxx au lieu de répondre aux mes questions et discuter les démarches à suivre, elle s’est mis en colère en disant qu’elle avait « les boules » "que la situation l'a "foutu le bordel à l'agence", qu’elle n’avait « rien à foutre » et que mes voisins peuvent « se d'emmerder avec les experts ».

En sachant que j’avais un mandat avec vous et que mes voisins sont sous votre gérance, j’ai trouvée cette réaction étonnante et pas du tout le niveau de professionnalisme que j’attends d’un agent immobilier.

Pareillement je me suis inquiétée que votre agence aurait pu réalisé la vente de ma maison en sachant qu'il y avait peut être un vice cachée.

Depuis ce jour-là Mme xxx me n’a pas contactée jusqu’au soir 7 Octobre quand elle m’a envoyé plusieurs message blessantes.

What are your thoughts please?

Sarah - the law is an ass here in France, if she's allowed to do what she does. Make sure you collect as much in writing, recording with dates and times, would have thought you might have a case against her, but we are of course in France, with regards to the 'outside working times' any decent, and of course she's not, would still not behave and use language as she does. She should seriously be closed down! Sorry again, not much help here... :(

Wow - I have just translated connasse...'motherfucker' - nice language obviously a classy lady NOT! Why has she allowed to behave this way, she obviously has a reputation, surely the mairie/gandarmes must know about her? Are there not other estate agents in your area ie can you not 'cancel' her, I'm sure it's much more complicated than that, else you would have done this already. All I can do is wishing you good luck! Sorry I did not really add anything here...



I think you are right; it is only natural that you have to be a citizen of a country to work in certain professions. Security related professions, police force, military, anything related to the military, national heritage perhaps as well, and it is normal. I have worked in professions in my own country, state, where it was required to be citizen of the country.


You are absolutely right to complain and withdraw, the woman's behavior is unacceptable. She should be fired for those statements.

Send it RAR.

Some people are nasty by nature. I pity her but it doesn't mean you should do nothing about her bullying you. Just do what you think is best, you can't go *too* wrong this way. Not easy.

Indeed it's always easier to look after other people' stuff. I quite agree as it's just the same for me and I was thinking just that only a couple of hours ago (yet again !).

Does somebody (here on the forum) know why it is so ? Is it because it's more exiting than one's own boring problems ? :D

So I'm sure you're pretty good with other people's matter. In the meantime, let's have more semoule, there should be plenty for the 2 of us.

Courage et te laisse pas faire par n'importe quelle pauvre soularde de demeurée ;)

Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped me deal with this

Do you mind if I post the letter, with all your advice taken in to account, before I send it so that you can tell me what you think?

Ah yes aucunement motivées§! thank you! good one with the rest. merci encore Marie-Claire

Thank you Christine

This is exactly what I was scared of...she accuses me of defamatory comments before I can accuse her

Thank you thank you thank you...I should have known better being in the job that I am but it is much easier to look after my clients than my own 'foyer'

With clients I am efficient and get results

When it comes to my own life I 'pédale dans la semoule' bisous et merci pour tes conseils!

I don't know if other posters have looked at the French, just ignore my suggestions if they have:


Objet : révocation d'un mandat de vente (insert number here)

A la date du xxx, je vous ai confié un mandat de vente non exclusif portant sur le bien situé à xxx

Ayant été la cible a plusieurs reprises d'insultes graves et aucunement motivées (insert a couple here) de la part de votre employée, Mme xxx je souhaite rompre le contrat avec votre agence ne pouvant plus vous accorder la confiance nécessaire à la gestion de mon bien.

Conformément aux conditions de résiliation prévu au contrat et aux dispositions du décret du 20 juillet 1972, nous mettons fin par la présente à ce mandat, la résiliation prenant effet à l'issue du préavis de quinze jours, soit à la date du xxx

I thought it was the French who ran off with the Nike in 1863.

Exacte, that's the reason I was given :) The priceless objects that were entrusted to my "conservation" are apparently part of "souverainté"....

Yes, I agree with all you wrote. Another solution with dual nationality would be to drop one according to the "targetted" job. But what a proper shame that would be !