The French language test for French Nationality

Hello. I’m going to apply for French Naturalisation/Citizenship. Have meant to for years but now it seems urgent.
I’m unable to locate a weblink to a DELF B1 EXAM registration. I can only find a B2, which is the next level up.

B1 is required for applying and I want to make sure I pass so I need that one. I can’t afford to risk needing extra lessons.

Does anyone have any experience or clues?
Was it an easy exam?
Can it be taken for free anywhere?

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Hi Jo, have a look at this link with lots of old tests to practice on and an actual exam. It will tell you your level and you can review the results to see where you have gone wrong. I am about to embark on this path too so good luck!

2 Likes tests can be done at Poitier Uni, am contacting them to get dates for the B1 test.

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Scary, but useful. Thanks

Thanks for this I will certainly be using it. I will have to contact the university too. I can only see links to courses, not the exam itself.
I have visited the department in person quite a while back and I think it got me not very far. I believe they gave me several forms to fill in which seemed to be not relevant to my question and I gave in bothering.

I will post here any info and would appreciate any updates from anyone. Its all a bit muddy.

There are online listening comprehension resources for people learning languages on audiolingua, you can pick whichever cecrl level ( A1, A2, B1, B2 etc) you want. It is free.
You really shouldn’t panic, B1 is the level we aim for 14 year-olds to reach, it isn’t very sophisticated😊 the idea is you can survive with it and build on it.
If I were you I’d work to B2 if those are the ressources you find, if you can do B2 you can do B1. B2 is the level non-language-specialists work to for the Bac and they do it on 2 hours a week in a class of 36 with another 10 or 11 subjects to cope with. Don’t panic!!

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hello Veronique thanks for the tips. I am quite confident about passing the B1 but the B2 is a little harder and to be honest whilst I’m confident about the B1 I really can’t afford the cost of the exam. Which I am assuming is €120 euro minimum as that seems to be the B2 cost.

I can’t afford to fail. It has to be the B1 for me because of the risk of needing to find another 120€. It’s a shame the exam is so expensive for such an easy level. Most people here compliment me on my French. I wish there was an easier way. I wish there was no Theresa May. ho hum


Hi Jo, I am doing what Veronique says ie studying at B2 but will do the test at B1 just to be sure of passing.

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I too have been looking into taking the French language test. I found the following website that lists all the test centers around France and also has lots of examples that you can try. The FAQ page should answer any questions you might have about the TCF.

TCF - Test de connaissance du français - FAQ

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Hi Jo,

The minimum requirement is the TCF, which is the equivalent of the B1 oral. Mark Provis has given the link in his reply and the TV 5 monde is an excellent site to try the test. No specific preparation is needed, if you’re reading the papers and listening and understanding the news, you’ll be fine. The B1 isn’t good enough to enrole at a university but good enough for nationality. Here’s an article about the Test de connaissance du francais pour l’accès à la nationalité française


Hi all,
Sorry to be so ignorant but is this test compulsory and do the results have to be submitted at the same time as the ‘dossier’? I was hoping to get away with a certificate showing I have a degree in French, and save €95 and a trip to Paris.

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Get whichever university you went to to to give you a transcript with the CEFRL* level prominently highlighted on it, I don’t know when you graduated but the CEFRL has actually been around for ages even if nobody paid any attention to it, so they do know about it and should be able to certify it retrospectively. It should exempt you from any additional tests.

*Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CECRL in French

Thanks @Vero! I graduated years ago but I’m sure my uni would be able to help and it probably won’t cost me 100€.
Just noticed the new photo :slight_smile: I followed your link Mark and made an appointment to take the test TLC Test de Connaissance du Français - in January. I got the feeling they were expecting my call…

I am quite excited. French citizenship has been a desire for a number of years and whilst it’s a shame we are been “pushed” into it via the threat of being rejected due to being outside the E.U. it would have probably remained firmly on my “wishlist” as a luxury I could do without.

Having said all that, the news yesterday gave me hope. The UK high court will insist on a vote in parliament before agenda 90 is triggered. Most MP’s support staying in the EU. them being marginaly better informed than joe public - but not more than Jo Blick! so I am hoping for a Brexit U-turn

Hi Amanda I found this on the link FAQ page "You are exempt from taking the “TCF for French nationality” if you already hold:

a diploma for a level of French equal to or better than the Vbis level of the list of diplomas, i.e. the French certificate of general education, the CAP or BEP;"

MPs look as though they might be willing to put their own feelings, knowledge and beliefs aside as they follow the will of their people. Unfortunately the people who want to leave the EU are also the same people who will be putting an x in the box at the next General Election. It would be nice to believe that MPs would have the strength to do what they believe is right but that’s not going to get them re-elected. Catch 22.

I’ve just seen this. :flushed: Thanks, Jo! I’ll still bung in my attestation - hopefully it will be the cérise on the gateau!!

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… and here’s to your application, too, Jo.

Talk to the nationality office at your prefecture to make sure they’ll be happy with it. It seems each dept has its own little variations.