The Great Outdoors

Not sure if this is the right topic heading but I thought close enough.
Having spent the morning around the garden as I looked around I thought for all that is going on in the world enjoy what you can when you can. We work hard on our garden which was a field when we moved in and now it seems such a shame not to share it.
I have studied SF many times to work out how to upload photos but so far have not worked out how so I have decided to have another go.
I hope it works so that you can have a walk around our garden.
Perhaps you might like to share your small corner of the world?
So now to try and upload.

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Arh well just when I thought I had worked things out!
Will try later.

Not much going on here, but we’re normally a few weeks behind


When you click on the reply button, use the 7th icon from the left in the top toolbar, your device should give you an option to choose where you want to select a file to upload from

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Click on this button. Then you get a little drop-down menu box asking what sort of thing you want to upload/where from, you click on whichever it is then on upload :blush: then on reply

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Wandering around just now…


Hope this has worked!



Seems like I tried to send too many at one go


Hmm tried sharing short vidéo, seemed not to work.



Lovely garden!

Ten feet beyond those two chairs is a 3-foot sloped dropoff into which we planted daffodils; the lawn slopes gently from the dropoff down a couple of wildflower meadows separated by a mowed lane for a boules court, then continues down to the water. You can just see a white-petaled daffodil peeking up from the dropoff, and then you can see the far edge of the boules court beyond which is the second meadow and then the water. Three days ago we built a fire pit, just in front of those chairs. We’ve been sitting out on the clear nights under the bright half-moon, looking at the stars, with just a bit of heat from the fire pit warming our ankles.


About ten days ago, having mowed the lawn. With a garden the confinement feels less stressing


So many beautiful, immaculately manicured gardens posted above, but elsewhere some gardens are more challenging to maintain…

Actually maintainance isn’t a problem, we just let our cliff do whatever it wants to do (apart from occasionally checking the stonework of the C11th citadel just visible at the top of the picture). Le Chateau de la Roque Bouillac used to control this stretch of the Lot, but today everything is out of man’s control and it’s an undisturbed wildlife haven.


Down though my garden to the waterfall.


I’m amazed at the luxuriant grass, our’s looks like a cross between the savannah and the desert (slight exaggeration) - insufficient rainfall over the winter !

Can you climb on it ? That would be my paradise !

Can I just check is that the waterfall or “my waterfall”?

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