The man who created IKEA has died

He leaves behind an empire, an interesting story and his buisness has provided so many jobs all over the world.
As a teenager he was easily influenced but his life changed with the unfolding of IKEA.

Apparently his coffin is now being assembled in Stockholm but the team assembling it have found there are two screws missing…


Sadly there are plenty of loose screws but Peter I am sure that you are being witty?
Why the joke …
Ikea gets a lot of things right.

There must be laughs a plenty in your house Barbara.


Yes of course Tim when there is something to laugh at.

Apologies for the non-humourous contribution, it won’t happen again.


Was I scolding you Peter.
Well at least you are around and chatting.

It must be my sense of humour but I thought Peter’s comment was vey apt.


In a way yes…but when it comes to death I feel that things change a little.
But maybe I am sensitive to death.

I doubt Mr Kamprad would be offended, missing bits from Ikea flat-pack furniture was part of the deal when you handed over your money.:grinning:


Have you purchased from IKEA?

Many times Barbara.

Hi Peter how a re you goingi?
I read the same information on internet.
Maybe it wasnt a gag nobody i.e. Perfect i love ikea

@Peter_Bird … I hardly dare ask the question…but… how many men does it take to assemble a coffin ??? … of course, there is no correct answer, as such… as it will depend on how good the Instructions were… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and if all the components were at hand… :heart_eyes:

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But you did Stella…
Have not met you Stella but you remind me of Penelope Keith.

Ha ha Barbara… so, is that good or bad ???

it is Penelope.
Do you speak like her?


Barbara… I have been assured by friends and family…that it is impossible to mistake my voice for anyone else’s… :hugs:

Hi again Carol,
I’m fine, just been very busy since I retired…
Loads of things happening in my life most of which are good.
I’ve bought loads from IKEA and amvery satisfied with most of it tho’ certain flatpacks have had bits missing.
Good to know you remember me !

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Will I irredeemingly blot my copybook , if I disclose that I have never actually visited IKEA ??

Of course I have heard of it… and I do know people who use it and swear by IKEA products… it’s just not somewhere that beckons me… :grinning: