The more I see of Joe Biden

… the more my confidence grows that he can and will lick Donald Trump for the Presidency of that amazing country, the United States of America…

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I do hope you are right Peter. But Trump plays on people’s fears very successfully. And whilst the outside world looks on with amazement he still has devoted followers who assume everything is a conspiracy. The press is implying there’s a real concern among some pundits that Trump may not acknowledge defeat even if he is “licked” by Biden.

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I hope so too :pray:t2:
I find their election system complicated, but if everybody can get to vote without any skullduggery, he stands a good chance :crossed_fingers:t2:

Now that will be interesting!

It would be “interesting” in the best SF traditions and interpretations of the word, but I can’t believe that his refusal to accept a clear-cut verdict on his Presidency and his campaign would stand scrutiny in the constitutional courts of the USA.

The idea of insurrection by the more fanatic sections of his following seems to me to be fanciful, although there may be attempts at some kind of mad militia-fomented coup to keep him in power. But when the chips, are down, how strong is his power base really?

I don’t think he has the gumption, or the courage for that matter, to lead a coup d’état.

Maybe I am too naive?

Sorry Pete but I just don’t share any enthusiasm for Joe Biden…not that I’m particularly dedicated to Trump either and far be it from me to attempt to have an opinion on another country’s “democratic” process…

For me it’s gotten to be like everything is scripted…I even see Mark Zuckerberg in the headlines and hes gotten to look like AI…a computer generated bot…

At the moment I’m holding on to what’s 100 per cent real in my life and that’s my family and my Border Collies and my humble little home here in Brittany…:grinning:

And the only USA democrat I actually like is Robert F Kennedy jr…


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Whilst I’m confident Biden will win people are naive if they think this will herald any great change in the US, I see him as a ‘stop gap’ president and nothing more. The electoral system is broken and until this is fixed the country will continue to decline.


I agree, just as in England, and yes I do mean England. The blond moron seems more and more intent on separating the UK into its constituent parts.

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I think a lot of Americans are thinking along the same lines, maybe even JB? Just need to get DT out to hopefully change the madness that is happening!
Unfortunately BJ still has more than three years to go :woman_shrugging:

I’m not - Trump will play dirty and unless it is a clear win with a convincing margin (say 60:40 or better) he will claim the election was rigged.

Compared to 4 more years of Trump I think the difference will be immense - and just undoing the damage that the last four years of Trump’s presidency will be difficult enough - butI agree there aren’t going to be radical shifts under a Biden administration (and perhaps that’s not a bad thing).

True but I don’t see FPTP or the electoral college being changed in the US as there is no great benefit to either the Republicans or Democrats and definitely not in the UK where the Tories would clearly lose out if we shifted to PR.

Biden’s handlers should be arrested for elder abuse. They keep dragging this confused old man out of his comfy chair and forcing him to read from a teleprompter.


I think that comment is ageist and disreputable.

I think his occasional hesitancies evidence refreshing change from the machine-gun stuttering of many glib others especially our own rolled out speak-your-weight parliamentarians like Gove, Redwood and Moggie. Not to mention Johnson’s polished Etonian stinking oratorical turds.

His utterances during interviews show relevancy, thoughtfulness and authentic rapport with his interlocutor. His political experience and his personal empathy shine through, as does his commitment to the future of his country and the welfare of all his compatriots. So he’s old. So what’s your problem with age, junior :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:?


I have a problem with a man who might have the nuclear football within arm’s reach not knowing where he is half the time.

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The entire two-party system is broken. Yes Biden is the more seasoned and professional politician but what can he actually accomplish with a Republican Senate? The country is broken and can’t go back to the way it has functioned in the past under either party. There are armed militia on both sides of the fence. The US has an unstable dictatorship attempting to run the show. I see a civil war in the making. Maybe it’s time.

Robert F Kennedy Jr is the one Democrat I don’t like. While he is commendable on environmental policy, he is a staunch anti-vaxxer and his organization, The World Mercury Project, is one of the largest sources of misinformation on FB about vaccines.


Does that mean you’re happy with the present incumbant ?

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But not giving them independence.

Perhaps you are not aware Ashley but Helen Wright is also an anti-vaxxer and is more concerned about one person dying from any new Anti-Covid vaccine than all the children dying from measles worldwide.

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It might surprise you to learn that he isn’t actually an “anti-vaxxer” but pro safety effacacy and transparency…

I know of him through his tireless work with Children’s Health Defence…

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Not a wholly accurate description of me Jane but I don’t get upset about it…:grinning:

Here’s an example of the inflammatory headlines against Robert F Kennedy Jr that in my opinion do deserve a hefty legal response…